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Explaining Phil Mickelson’s controversy over LIV Saudi-backed golf league funding led to hot water for star

“Real-Time With Bill Maher” has a way of getting people worked up, whether or not you agree with the presenter and guests. For example, journalist Bari Weiss appeared on the panel in last week’s Season 20 debut. Weiss sparked a stir when she started her anger that, despite official promises that immunizations will restore normalcy, that hasn’t happened yet.

“It’s over. The Pringles cans that I got at the grocery store were sprayed, and I stripped my clothes because I believed COVID would be on my clothes,” Weis said. “I’m done with COVID.” I recently saw the film “Tiger King.” “I’ve reached the end of Spotify’s content.”

However, even if individuals are adhering to rules and vaccinations, society hasn’t returned to normal. But they’re reluctant to say it for fear of being labeled as anti-vax, science deniers, or Trumpers, as did a number of her liberal and progressive friends. “It’s time we learned to live with the virus,”

People were outraged by Weiss’ words, with some supporting her and others accusing her of appearing to minimize the misery caused by COVID-19. CNN’s own Dr. Jonathan Reiner blasted Weiss for her statements, saying she was “acting like a child” and that her remarks overlooked the sacrifices and hard work of emergency room and intensive care unit doctors and nurses.

New episodes of “Real Time With Bill Maher” will air on Friday, January 28. Ira Glasser, the former Executive Director of the ACLU, will be interviewed by Maher one-on-one. Participants include former U.S. National Security Council Senior Director Fiona Hill, author of “There Is Nothing for You Here: Finding Opportunity in the 20th Century” and host of the podcast “The Reason Roundtable” and co-host of “The Fifth Column,” as well as Matt Welch, an expert on Russian and European affairs.

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