‘One Dance’ singer Drake goes trending, as Chloe Bailey comes up with her cover on ‘Marvins Room’

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The 23 year old singing sensation Chloe Bailey is back again, with her all new version of the ‘One Dance’ singer’s superhit single ‘Marvins Room’.

Chloe released the video of her wonderful cover rendition on Sunday, July 4, of the epic track which was originally released by Drake in 2011.

The ‘Sugar Symphony’ singer began with some amazing lyrics that go like, “You told me that there’s someone else/ You messing with my confidence/ How you make me feel unwanted/ I’m really trying not to hold a grudge/ But you didn’t send me flowers for my birthday/ And now I’m hurting in the worst way.”

She continued, “I shouldn’t have to tell a n—- how to treat me/ You acting like you big enough but not at all/ F*** that new girl that you got around/ I know she is faking it when you lay it down/ I’ma f*** your homeboy that’s in my DMs/ You gon’ be left crying but you can’t say s***. I’m just saying I can do better, Stop calling my phone ’cause we ain’t together/ I’m just saying I’ma do better/ Good girl gone bad on my worst behavior.”

Watch Chloe’s Instagram cover video below-


Meanwhile millions of diehard fans flooded Twitter with loads of appreciation and excitement, making Drake go trending all over the microblogging platform.











There seems to be no calm among the humongous fandom that the two very popular artists share, as Chloe’s cover is receiving some intense response, all ready to top a few charts very soon!

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