Liam Payne’s Instagram Stories express his heartbreak over separation from Maya Henry


Breakups are the hardest parts of relationships and it feels really devastating to have to say goodbye!

This seems to be the case of our former ‘One Direction’ band member too, as his recent Instagram Stories all point towards his heartbreak over split from fiance Maya Henry.

Sharing a series of stories on July 4, Liam Payne talks about love and mistakes, as fans speculate them to be his expression of grief over losing his love and doesn’t seem to be able to move on yet.

Liam had officially confirmed his split with Maya on June 6, in an episode of ‘The Diary of A CEO’ podcast, which came just 10 months after their engagement in August 2020, before the singer went Instagram official with his relationship in September 2019.

His stories read, “Don’t let someone go if you really want to love them, even if you have to learn them through your own mistakes, let your instinct tell you that you need them and keep them close. We are always running out of time, we never gain it.

He continued “F*ck me, I’m wise,” before adding, “I love you, we calm.”

The artist’s fans are feeling extremely dejected and disheartened to witness their idol’s pain, who seems to be missing his ex fiance a lot, having earlier confessed of leaving her for the sole reason of unintentionally hurting people he loves.

Payne addressed during the podcast, “I’m more disappointed in myself that I keep on hurting people. I know what my pattern of things is with relationships. I’m just not very good at them, so I just need to work on myself before I put myself on to somebody else.”

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