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My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending Chapter 41 Release Date Status & Get More Details

In chapter 41 of My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending, Harold discovers the truth and goes to meet Tasuku. Harold recalls when the soldiers of the Salient Empire arrived with their most lethal strategy. To overpower them, they posed as members of the Chivalric Order. Harold’s housemates, however, disliked having him in their space.

Harold, though, bears no animosity toward them. In the following chapter, Harold will travel to a village to see Tasuku. Sadly, he will have to wait for him because he won’t be there. His old flame will see him and welcome him in the meanwhile. Someone will get ready for retaliation. Read on to learn more.

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My Death Flags Shows No Sign Of Ending Chapter 41 Release Date

Let’s start by briefly recapping what happened in chapter 40 when Harold’s roommates were chatting about him. Although the older brother advised him to stop paying attention to Harold, the younger brother refused to share his room with him because he was afraid of him. Harold ultimately recalls a fight that the Starchant tribe and Salient Empire’s soldiers in Chivalric Order disguise won.

However, Harold still needs to find the answer to a riddle. He then makes the decision to depart, and while he was gone, someone met him. On July 8, 2022, chapter 41 will be published. In it, Harold is shown unraveling the mystery and gathering evidence. He runs across his childhood sweetheart before he confronts the master. She will express her emotions just to experience heartbreak. Harold’s visitor will wait for him till he gets back. Harold was visited by someone in the dorm.

My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending Chapter 41 Plot

Harold is still in shock over what the soldiers of the Salient Empire did, and he wants to find the answer. He wants to put an end to this conflict and is searching for information that could be useful. In order to speak with his instructor Tasuku, Harold goes to meet him. To make up for Tasuku’s absence, he will wait for him in the guest room. A visitor from his past will come to see him. This will be his childhood sweetheart, none other. She will make an attempt to chat with him, but Harold will not engage in conversation.

She will be reminded by Harold why they can’t be together. Someone will be angry with Harold in the meanwhile. Harold received a visit from one of his buddies, but regrettably, he wasn’t in his room. He’ll be sure to give Harold a lesson as a result. He will then watch for Harold. As for Harold, he will consult Tasuku and come to a decision that will enable them to put an end to this conflict.

My Death Flags Shows No Sign Of Ending Story

My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending Chapter 40
My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending Chapter 40

Kazuki Hirasawa, a university student, finds himself in the body of a video game character in the course of the narrative. In order to live, he must overcome the death flags that cross his path. He assumes the form of Harold Stokes, a cruel and self-centered little boy, who looks down on everyone. He has disliked everyone in the game, making him essentially the antagonist of the narrative.

While Kazuki, who is actually a very gentle man, takes control of him, his character changes. However, when he is locked in the body from the game of his university life, his character remains the same. It will now be determined if he will survive or not. There are two ongoing plots in the series, one inside the game and the other outside of it.

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