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Food Wars Season 3 English Dub: Release Date Status, Where To Watch and Everything We Know

When will Food Wars season 3 be dubbed? That question has been answered, as Sentai Filmworks has confirmed that Food Wars: The Third Plate will be released in English in early 2020. Along with confirming the rights to distribute home media in Season 3, Sentai Filmworks gave a sneak peek of the new dubbing in the video above.

Before we continue, please be aware that this post may contain official Food Wars spoilers! Season three of Shokugeki no Soma If being spoilt is not your thing, I recommend you stop reading this post. However, if spoilers are not an issue for you, we can proceed. Additionally, keep in mind that we did not generate or leak the spoilers.

Food Wars Season 3 Dub Release Date

Food Wars! Sentai Filmworks is dubbing The Third Plate, and newly dubbed episodes are broadcast weekly on their anime streaming service. The Third Plate’s last episode was being dubbed and broadcast on July 24th, 2020**.

If they decide to license it to Hulu or another service, it will be available much later. They begin licensing numerous seasons to other services only as they prepare to dub the next season on HiDive.

Food Wars Season 3 Dub Release Date
Food Wars Season 3 Dub Release Date

Japan is currently broadcasting The Fifth Plate ( and is available subbed on Crunchy Roll.)

If there are no further delays, HiDive will release the last episode on July 24th. There have been no reports on whether dubbing was completed prior to the pandemic’s global devastation. As a result, there may or may not be delayed.

The 5th Plate began in early April, but production was halted after two episodes due to the pandemic. According to current reports, we may anticipate episode 3 in late July at the earliest. It may be months later. Once again, TBD.

Where to watch Food Wars Season 3

Food Wars, on the other hand, reminds me how much I enjoy cooking. I wish I had more time for those mini-Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma seasons 1 and 2 are now available on Netflix, while the remaining five seasons are available on Crunchyroll. In other news, how likely is Ted Lasso to win?

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