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What Happened At End Of Morbius? Ending Explained

So, you’ve seen the end of Morbius and all the blood-sucking action, and you probably have some questions now.

The superhero movie is mostly about Jared Leto’s character, who is a living vampire. While trying to cure himself of a rare and eventually fatal blood disease, he accidentally turns himself into a bloodthirsty creature. Who hasn’t done that? He must eat human blood to stay alive and keep from turning into a monster.

Matt Smith plays Lucien, also known as Milo, who has the same disease as Morbius. Adria Arjona plays Dr. Martine Bancroft. Agent Stroud is played by Tyrese Gibson, Agent Rodriguez is played by Al Madrigal, and Dr. Nicholas is played by Jared Harris. Plus, there’s Michael Keaton’s cameo as the Vulture.

We’ve answered every question you could have about the end of Morbius, from what Vulture is doing in the Sony-verse to what happens to the main characters. So, keep reading to find out everything about how the movie ends.

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Morbius Ending Explained

Morbius shows that the main character, Dr. Michael Morbius, has a rare blood disease. In his search for a cure, he went to Costa Rica to look for vampire bats. While there, he found something that might help his condition. Morbius goes into rough international waters with Dr. Martine Bancroft, takes the cure, and turns into a blood-sucking vampire with super strength and a bat-radar.

Back on Earth, Morbius’ childhood friend Milo, who has the same disease as Morbius, sees Morbius’ newfound strength and wants what Morbius has. The doctor says no because he doesn’t want Lucien, whose real name is Milo, to turn into a monster like him.

But despite Morbius’s best efforts, Milo sneaks into his lab and steals the cure, turning into a vampire with superpowers. Milo kills a doctor, but Morbius is arrested for the crime. When Milo goes to visit Morbius in prison, it’s clear that Milo now has powers because he doesn’t need his walking cane anymore, which he leaves on purpose in Morbius’ cell. This throws Morbius into a spin, and he gets away.

Later, Milo tells Morbius to stop denying that he has new abilities. They can fight and eat everyone who has done them wrong. Morbius, on the other hand, wants to keep people safe from the monster he has turned into. They fight in a subway, where Milo kills more people. Morbius then figures out that he can fly and gets away.

Morbius makes an antibody with the help of Dr. Martine Bancroft that will kill any “vampire” he injects it into. Milo, on the other hand, kills Nicholas, their surrogate father, and then attacks Martine. He does this to try to trick Morbius. Martine seems to die, but before she does, she bites Morbius’ lip and drinks some of his blood. He then bites her neck.

Morbius and Milo fight, and when Morbius calls for help, a group of bats come and hold Milo down so Morbius can give him the antibody. Milo dies, and when Martine gets up, she is a vampire. Also, FBI agents Stroud and Rodriguez have been on the lookout for Morbius the whole time. When they get to the scene, Morbius flies away into the night.

Then, after the credits, the purple rift from Spider-Man: No Way Home takes over the sky, and Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, shows up in a jail cell. Since he hasn’t done anything wrong in the Sony-verse, he will soon be let go. Then, in the second scene after the credits, Toomes meets Morbius while he is dressed as the Vulture. Toomes says that he probably has something to do with Spider-arrival Man’s in the new universe and that they should work together to do good. Morbius gives a one-word answer: “Interesting.”

Why Does Milo Desire To Battle Morbius?

Milo goes against his oldest buddy after stealing an experimental dose of Morbius’ treatment. Also, he transforms him into a live vampire. Morbius does not want Milo to become a monster like himself, although Milo has no qualms about becoming a vampire.

Milo becomes irritated with Morbius for suppressing his worst urges, pointing out that they can now travel anyplace and have true fun. Milo urges his friend, “Live a little.” Milo explains that he and Morbius have lived with death their entire lives, therefore it’s time for others to experience it for themselves. This is possibly best illustrated in a scenario in which Milo goes to a bar, where he gets into a fight with someone, and subsequently kills them. Milo has been victimised his entire life, but he can now fight back.

Why Does Milo Kill Nicholas?

Nicholas virtually reared Milo and Morbius, thus it comes as a shock when Milo murders him. Milo’s rant shortly prior to the attack explains why the newly created vampire killed his longtime carer. Milo feels Nicholas has always favoured Morbius and that Nicholas once pitied him but now finds him repulsive. It is also a technique for Milo to lure Morbius out of hiding, thereby exposing Martine.
morbius ending explainedmorbius ending explained
morbius ending explained

What Happens To Martine?

Martine is severely wounded as a result of Milo’s exploitation of her to entice Morbius into their ultimate confrontation. Martine, however, bites Morbius’ lip and takes a drop of his blood before she dies, and the devastated vampire then attacks her after she dies. At the conclusion of the film, Martine awakens… as a vampire herself.

That means she’ll certainly return in future instalments, although how or whether her state will differ from Morbius’ is unknown, given that she was transformed by bite rather than his experimental remedy.

What Will Morbius Do Now Artificial Blood Doesn’t Work?

This question is unanswered, as the film concludes before we learn what Morbius decides to do about his bloodthirsty problem. Due to the fact that he did not use the second vial of antibodies, we may presume that he prefers to continue living, and since the fake blood still functions for a short time, this is an adequate short-term solution. The question of what Morbius will do in the long run will presumably be answered in a sequel.

Who Plays Spider-Man In The Morbius Universe?

Even though Spider-Man graffiti appeared in the Morbius teaser, the sequence was deleted from the finished film. This is likely due to the fact that it references the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, in which Spider-Man was accused of killing Mysterio, and Morbius does not actually take place in the MCU (maybe the plot altered at some point during the development of Morbius, but this is uncertain).

This means that we have no idea which Spider-Man is currently prowling the Sony universe. Could it be a variation of Tom Holland? Or Spider-Man, played by Andrew Garfield, make a comeback? Or someone entirely new? It is still a mystery, but one that will likely be solved sooner rather than later.

What Occurred At The Close Of Morbius?

After murdering Harris, Milo murders Martine. Morbius hurries to her rescue and senses that she is dying. He also consumes her, which gives him superhuman strength (more on that in a minute). Morbius, brokenhearted, stands above her and allows a drop of his blood to fall into her mouth.

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