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Moon Knight Season 2: Everything We Know About Moon Knight Future

We should embrace the chaos, and now fans of the show are asking Marvel to do the same. Moon Knight asks us to do that. Because, as of right now, Disney has only agreed to make Moon Knight into a one-and-done show.

Then, could that change? Moon Knight has been nominated for an Emmy in the category of Limited Series, just like Hawkeye was. However, an official tweet about the trailer for season one’s season finale accidentally used the phrase “series finale” before changing it to “season finale.”

Afterward, writer Mohamed Diab told Collider that “Moon Knight is here to stay, stay for a long time.” There’s still no word on whether there will be another season, or if the Fist of Khonsu will show up somewhere else in the MCU.

You can join us here at Digital Spy as we tell you everything you need to know about Moon Knight season two on Disney+. Take a deep breath, get your bearings, and join us.

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The Series Episodic Director And EP Mohamed Diab Thought on Moon Night Season 2:

Diab said “We don’t know if there’s the next season,”

“Marvel doesn’t go with a conventional way, so even if they like the character and want to extend the world, it could be season 2, it could be a standalone film, or he can join another superhero’s journey,”

“We never discussed it being a season 2, but one day there’s going to be an expansion, but I don’t know how it’s going to look like,”

When Jake was part of the season one finale, Diab said that it was always going to happen. However, when Isaac’s double personality Steven and Marc woke up in their London flat, that wasn’t always the case. Diab said that other endings were in the running, but she didn’t say what they were. During the finale, Marc was brought back to life, allowing them to become the God Khonshu’s avatar again and defeat their enemy, the God Ammit. This is how it works:

Moon Knight main cast
Moon Knight main cast

Also, Layla, Marc Spector’s wife (May Calamawy), became a superhero last night. As the avatar of Tawaret, she joined the fight against Harrow with Marc and became a hero in her own right. but in the series, she said that was temporary. it was a mystery if she wants to become an avatar.

It would be so interesting for her to have a partner who is very different from her, like Tawaret. They could make each other crazy. Whether or not she needs to be a superhero now or not is a question she is learning about. She doesn’t like the idea right now, but maybe she needs to learn why it’s important or not. There’s so much space there, I don’t know what will happen.

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Moon Knight season 2 Release Date

If Moon Knight isn’t just a phase, expect a second season to take at least a couple of years to come out. Because Marvel has more projects than Marc does personalities, Moon Knight will have to wait in line behind all of the other new and returning shows set to premiere on Disney+.

Moon Knight Cast:

  • Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector – Moon Knight, Steven Grant – Mr. Knight, and Jake Lockley
  • May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly – Scarlet Scarab.
  • Karim El Hakim and F. Murray Abraham as Khonshu.
  • Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow.
  • Bobby Kennedy, played by Ann Akinjirin, is a British policewoman who has joined Harrow’s cult.
  • Billy Fitzgerald, played by David Ganly, is a British police officer who has joined Harrow’s cult.
  • One of Osiris’s avatars and head of the Ennead council, Selim is played by Khalid Abdalla.
  • Anton Mogart, played by Gaspard Ulliel, is a rich antiquities dealer who lives in Egypt and is an old friend of Layla’s.
  • Both Sofia Danu and Saba Mubarak are playing Ammit.
  • Marc’s mother and Elias’s wife, Wendy Spector, are played by Fernanda Andrade.
  • Elias Spector, Marc’s father, and Wendy’s husband is played by Rey Lucas in the film.

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What will the second season be about?

At least for Marvel, Moon Knight is intentionally strange and experimental, which makes it more difficult to guess what’s going to happen next.

Although Jake Lockley, the third main Moon Knight character, finally makes his post-credits scene debut, we expect that he’ll continue to play an important part going ahead. When it comes to the other alters, are they friends or foes? In the first season, Jake’s final “shot” made it clear that he wasn’t someone you wanted to cross paths with.

Even if Moon Knight doesn’t return for a second season, little nods to legendary comic book villains like Bushman might be fruitful in the road.

Our expectations for Moon Knight and Layla’s superheroic new avatar Taweret have been low, so we wouldn’t be shocked if they just feature in other MCU storylines from here on out.

There is a lot of potential for it. In a similar way to Batman, Moon Knight may be written in a variety of different ways. When fighting alongside street-level heroes like Daredevil, the Fist of Khonsu might easily be seen as a match for them. But when the mood strikes, he could also be seen taking on the Avengers.

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