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Megan 2023 Movie: Where Can I Buy This Haunting Doll? All You Need To Know

The release of the MEGAN trailer by Universal Pictures is perfectly timed since people are anticipating terrifying stories to watch this Halloween. Allison Williams from Get Out and Violet McGraw from The Haunting of Hill House star in the film, which is a collaboration between James Wan (Malignant) and Akela Cooper (American Horror Story). The planned Justice League Dark script is written and directed by Gerard Johnstone.

Megan (MEGAN), directed by Gerard Johnstone and written by Akela Cooper (Malignant) and James Wan (Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring, The Nun), under the famed Blumhouse Productions, is the next big thing coming to theatres in 2023, and horror lovers are once again eager. Even before the film’s October 2022 release, the killer doll depicted in the film‘s trailer had gained cult status. When people start asking where they can get one of the dolls, Let’s get on the same page about what’s going on now. Where can I find the doll from the 2023 film, Megan? 

Megan 2023 Movie: Where Can I Buy This Haunting Doll?

Megan has quickly become one of the most beloved characters in contemporary horror films. The trailer does a good job of displaying her dance moves, which are both eerie and intriguing when we consider that she is performing them while killing everybody who, in her mind, poses a threat to the small girl she is trying to protect. 

A murderous robot is a stark contrast to the sight of a dancing doll. Where to purchase the doll, which is sure to become a sought-after collection among horror fans, is eagerly awaited by the general public. Since the first trailer didn’t come out until October 2022, it’s still too soon for the doll to be manufactured and made available for online purchase. 

Still, we have little doubt that the specialized online stores are hard at work getting this product ready for release. There will be further details posted as soon as they become available. We’ll add information to this post in a few weeks about where to buy Megan, the killer doll from the upcoming horror movie.

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