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‘Matty in the Morning’ replaced as ‘Billy and Lisa in the Morning’!

Listening to the radio in Boston, you’ve probably heard of Kiss 108 and their most well-known host, Matt Siegel. It began airing in 1981, and since then, his Matty in the Morning show has consistently been named Boston’s best morning show. In fact, it was widely disseminated across New England from 2001 to 2009. Due to his recent radio silence, people have become concerned about his future with the station. What really transpired with Matty that morning?

Billy and Lisa

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What Happened to ‘Matty in the Morning’?

According to NBC, the morning show formerly known as “Matty in the Morning” has been relaunched as “Billy and Lisa in the Morning,” with original co-hosts Justin Aguirre and Winnie Akoury remaining in their roles. As of Monday, the radio station announced that Legendary members of Kiss 108, Billy Costa and Lisa Donovan would replace Matt Siegel as hosts of the morning show. While Billy Costa has been with Kiss 108 since 1980, Lisa Donovan has been there since 2002. They both spent years in Siegel’s employ, and now run things in his absence. Boston’s “Matty in the Morning” host Matt Siegel announced his resignation on-air on Tuesday morning after more than four decades in the business.

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