Mandy Moore opens up on her life changing motherhood with baby Gus


The 37 year old American actress, singer and a songwriter, Mandy Moore revealed she knew nothing much about changing diapers before she embraced her motherhood with her now 5 year old son August Gus Harrison, whom she shares with husband Taylor Goldsmith.

In conversation with ‘PEOPLE’, the artist revealed details on how her onscreen husband Milo Ventimiglia from ‘This Is Us’ was a mentor, who guided her through and taught her a crash course in parenting.

She shared, “Because so much of the show revolves around kids of a certain age whether they’re 8 year olds or 12 year olds or teenagers or adults, I feel like I maybe have a little bit more experience as he gets older and less with him as a baby.”

Mandy Moore further added, “It was funny, I remember very early on, definitely the first season, having to shoot scenes where we were chaotically changing diapers and just trying to handle triplets and Milo having to show me how to swaddle, how to change diaper. I knew nothing!”

“I feel like I’ve garnered less about that phase of early, early childhood. Obviously, being a parent is a practice in patience and being present. I just chuckled to myself now thinking I wish I was just starting the show now because I finally crystallized like, ‘Oh, I know what it means to be a mom now,’ even though I’ve only had five months of experience.”

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