Making our jaws drop! Here are BTS’ most iconic fashion moments of all times

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BTS have broken years-long world records, have themselves set records AND broken their own records from time to time with their phenomenal music all while looking jaw-droppingly attractive.

Whenever BTS members attend any event they have made headlines with their fashion styles, fancy hair and of course striking features. Well then let’s have a look at the 16 best BTS fashion moments.


1. At Louis Vitton’s Men Fall-Winter show in Seoul (2021)

Let’s start with the most recent BTS fashion icon moment which caused quite some drama on Twitter, causing ARMY’s to lose their cool and what can BTS not do? They certainly looked extremely elegant.


2. Grammy’s 2021 in March

Grammys are a BIG deal for all musicians. And it certainly was for BTS as it was their first-ever nomination for Grammys. Though they did not win the award they certainly did win people’s hearts with their full Louis Vitton outfits


3. MTV Unplugged 

On MTV Unplugged when the septet performed their recent song ‘Telepathy’ they proved that can certainly pull off not only classic suits but casual outfits as well.


4. The Late Late Show with James Corden

When back in September 2020, BTS perform their mega-hit song ‘Dynamite’, their fashion was banging like Dynamite as well, with a beige colour palette


5. BE Press Conference

In November of 2020, at their Album BE’S press conference BTS proved they certainly did understand the assignment!  The six members, except for Suga (who was recording from shoulder surgery), rocked the Prada outfits.


6. Grammys 2020

BTS owned 2020’s Grammys red carpet with a monochrome theme and turtlenecks!


7. Dick Clark’s New year’s Rocking Eve

BTS sliding into the new year like the legends they are! With their alluring beauty and fresh fashion concept, it was enough to make them viral all over the internet!


8. Variety Hitmaker’s Brunch

When in 2019, Variety named BTS the group of the year, the members’ outfits certainly made them shine brighter. AND we got center J-hope with an all-white, with a black statement shirt! How did we survive?

Which of BTS’s Fashion Styles do you like the most?


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