Slaying all the way! Checkout birthday girl Pamela Anderson’s Top 10 iconic looks of all times


Pamela Anderson is a Canadian-American actress known for her famous roles in Home Improvement, Baywatch, and V.I.P. She has appeared on various covers for playboy magazine. She is also an activist for PETA. Although celebrities being a part of controversies is nothing new, Pamela is also known for her controversies overtimes.
But regardless of her controversies, she is loved by many. She knows how to make even a basic outfit look good. Pamela has had many iconic looks over the years that fans can’t get over.
Here are ten of the most iconic looks of Pamela.

1. Cannes Film Festival

In 1995, during the Cannes Film Festival, Pamela wore a black leather lace-up halter along with black leather trousers.

2. Black dress

During the year 1993, Pamela attended the 20th Annual Vision Awards in Beverly Hills wearing an all-black dress along with a flower necklace.

3. The baseball outfit

During MTV’s sixth annual Rock ‘n’ Jock baseball game in Los Angeles, Pamela wore an oversized “homeboys” jersey along with a white crop top and white high-waisted shorts.

4. The Witch Outfit

During the 24th annual American Music Awards, she wore a turtleneck red and black see-through dress along with a black hat.

5. The Denim Outfit

In 1994, during a Playboy Party, she wore light blue denim jeans along with a dark blue denim crop top with a knot in the front.

6. The Cheetah Dress

In 1999, Pamela in a NAPTE Convention wore a cheetah dress along with black heels.

7. Crochet top and pants

During the 2001 MTV Movie Awards, Pamela wore a black crochet top along with black cutoff pants and a watch.

8. The silver outfit

During the 2002 American Music Awards, Pamela wore a silver glittery low neck top along with a silver glittery slit skirt.

9. The silk dress

In 2006, During a Doyle Brunson poker player appreciation party, she wore a dress with a mixture of cream lace with pink silk along with cream heels.

10. The oversized blouse

In 2012, she attended the VIP Room party in St. Tropez wearing a white oversized blouse along with striped shorts and silver metallic heels.

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