Love Island' USA brings back Mackenzie Dipman

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Who is Mackenzie Dipman?

Mackenzie was in the second season of Love Island USA when it aired on CBS. She was an OG Islander that season, and she was kicked off the island halfway through the season. At the time, she was a student from Scottsdale, Arizona, who liked millionaires, Matthew McConaughey, and sports. Most of the time, she worked with Connor Trott.

She’s all set to watch more reality TV.

Mackenzie Dipman is coming back to “Love Island USA” two years after she was on the show for the first time. Her short relationship with Carl Radke on “Summer House” Season 6 ended just a few months ago.

“I’m still single,” Dipman, 25, told People of her decision to re-enter the villa. “I think that’s the obvious answer.”

Most of Season 2 was a memorable time when the blonde beauty was with Connor Trott.

After Trott left the Peacock (formerly CBS) show, the two got back together and started dating off-screen in late 2020. But by March 2021, they called it quits.

That summer, Dipman went out with Radke, who was 37 at the time. Their relationship didn’t last long, though, and Radke went back to dating Lindsay Hubbard, who was also on Bravo.

Dipman will officially join Season 4 of “Love Island USA” on Wednesday’s show. The single host of the podcast “Out of His League” said that a few Islanders have already caught her eye.

“It’s not like I’m walking in and there’s no one that’s really caught my eye,” she said, but she didn’t name any of the guys she likes.

“It is a little tough because I don’t know who’s going to be there right in the moment. It’s possible that someone that I’m interested in isn’t even in the villa anymore because things change so quickly.”

Dipman is looking forward to more than just meeting Mr. Right. She is also excited to help the other women in the competition.

“I definitely like to give advice whether people ask for it or not,” she noted. “But I do hope that they look to me as like a big sister or like someone that has been through this process and really use me as a resource as to understanding what’s going to happen next.”

The woman from Arizona said she will encourage the women to ask their men questions that might help them with their relationships outside of the villa.

“I think that they should just be asking, ‘What do your next six months look like?’ And ‘Do you see yourself relocating if we don’t live in the same place? And if not, what is your comfortability with long-distance?’ These are questions they need to ask,” she asserted.

“It’s not like, ‘Do you want to have kids one day?’ Think shorter-term.”

Dipman also said that she plans to call attention to bad behavior she has seen in Season 4 so far.

“I love to call a guy out for mistreating a lady! It’s my favorite thing. You can expect me to be doing that this season as well,” she teased. “I’ve got a list. My hit list is about as long as my crush list.”

Sarah Hyland is the host of “Love Island USA,” which you can watch on Peacock. Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET, new episodes come out.

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