Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 Release date

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 Will Come Out on Netflix in 2024!


Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a South Korean TV show that has been going on for a while and stars Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, and Kang Ki-young. It debuted on ENA on June 29, 2022, and airs at 21:00 on Wednesdays and Thursdays (KST). It can also be watched online through Netflix in some places.

Wednesday, the people who make the hit Korean drama said that Extraordinary Attorney Woo will be back for season two.

The 16-episode show is coming to an end this week, and the next-to-last episode will air today.

The CEO of the production company AStory, Lee Sang-baek, also said that the next episode of the K-drama will air in 2024.

“Thanks to the support of many people, we will produce Season 2 of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo.’ The goal is to air Season 2 in 2024. It is not easy to coordinate the schedules of the cast and production team, so we will have to go through a lot of discussions,” Lee said in a statement provided to entertainment outlet Soompi.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season
Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a Season about an autistic lawyer named Woo Young-woo who works at a big law firm. It was directed by Yoo In-Shik and written by Moon Ji-won.

It also stars Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Jeon Bae-soo, Baek Ji-won, Ha Yoon-kyung, Joo Jong-hyuk, Jin Kyung, Joo Hyun-young, and Im Sung-jae.

Lee Sang-baek also said that the cast, director, writer, and production team for season two will not be changed. The producers of the series include a story, KT Studio Genie, and Nangman Crew.

“As long as there are no unexpected changes, the goal is to maintain more than 90 percent of the same members as now. For this reason, it will take a considerable amount of time to coordinate, but the plan to produce Season 2 has not changed,” he added.

Also, a source from ENA, the South Korean channel where the drama airs, said that “talks are going on right now” about making Season 2.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which started on June 29, can also be watched on Netflix in some places, like India.

  • Synopsis

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is about a lawyer with autism named Woo Young-woo, played by Park Eun-bin. He works at a big law firm. Attorney Woo has a perfect memory, which makes her a great lawyer because she can remember laws to counter the claims of the other lawyer and make strong arguments to support her cases.

Because she is different from her neurotypical peers, most people find her way of communicating strange and awkward at first, and her strong emotional intelligence goes unnoticed. People often think that autistic people don’t have “social skills” or “emotional intelligence.”

The show works hard to dispel this idea. Instead, it goes into detail about how hard it is for neurotypical people to deal with someone who is very smart but has problems with their senses or with how they communicate, and how hard it is for them to accept a way of being that is different from what is considered to be normal behavior and relationships.

A lot of people are deeply moved by Woo Young-emotional woo’s insights. All of the characters, including Attorney Woo, are shown to be struggling people, and the show does a great job of showing how society is becoming kinder and more accepting of differences.

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