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Social Media Is Trending With Lois Griffin’s Alleged Death from ‘Family Guy’

The “Lois Griffin is dead at 43” hoax, made famous on TikTok and Twitter, is the latest in a long line of celebrity death pranks that have taken over the internet. Unlike the famous death hoaxes that disseminate false information and anger readers and followers, these stunts are just for laughs. They’re merely innocent jokes you play on others around you to see how they react. Social media has been swept up in the “Lois Griffin is dead at 43” hoax. Find more details about this through the article below.

Why is there a weird search volume for “Lois Griffin dead”?

According to sources, the news of Lois Griffin’s passing spread in late December 2022. A tweet from @minasdemon with the headline “Lois Griffin DEAD AT 43” has gone viral, garnering more than 108,000 likes and 9,400 retweets (and 20 million views, if you’re keeping track). There is a general sense of people’s hearts being touched by the news, judging by the various responses. Some people are devastated by the news of her unexpected death, while others seem entirely unconcerned. Twitter user @minasdemon even posted a sequence from an old episode purporting to show her murder.

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In case there was any doubt, Lois Griffin is very much alive. Neither Lois nor her death is seen in the most current episode (airing on December 11, 2022). She has not recently died, as @minasdemon has made it seem, and the user has doubled down on the joke in the replies. This may be a variation of the current practice of spreading fake celebrity deaths on TikTok. Shocking friends and family members by announcing “so-and-so is dead at so-and-so age” is the goal of this practical joke.

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Voice actor Alex Borstein is still very much with us

As per sources, Some concerned internet users, seeing the tweets and TikToks, started looking for news on Alex Bornstein, the actor who voices Lois. Let it be known that Alex is healthy and well in the year 2022, for the benefit of those who may have worried for her safety after the hoax went viral. She uses Instagram constantly and frequently. Her most recent upload to the site is a Christmas Day message to her followers in which she discusses her several guest appearances throughout the season. Alex was featured on the podcast of a mutual acquaintance, Step Out of Line, not too long ago.

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