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Kris Jenner angered Khloé Kardashian by buying her a Martha Stewart peacock to cheer her up

Khloé Kardashian was upset that her mother, Kris Jenner, tried to buy her a peacock from Martha Stewart. She said that her mother just wanted to hang out with Stewart.

In the fourth episode of season two of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” which came out on Thursday, Kardashian and Jenner went to Stewart’s peacock farm to find a peacock for Jenner to give to Kardashian as a gift. But Kardashian did not find the experience as exciting as her mother did.

On the farm, Kardashian told Jenner, “You were the one who wanted this. I have no idea where this came from,” “You just wanted an excuse to have lunch with Martha Stewart. I did not understand any of this at all.

I have never even mentioned a giant bird. I do not like birds in general, “she went on. When Jenner asked her what kind of animals she liked, Kardashian said she wanted “small, fluffy animals” and not a bird because she thought it would “peck” her to death.

In a confessional earlier in the episode, Kardashian said she had “never” told her mother she wanted a peacock and that her daughter, True, did not even like dogs.

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At the beginning of the episode, Jenner invited Stewart and Kardashian over for lunch. She wanted to surprise her daughter by telling her that Stewart, who raises peacocks, might let her adopt one.

Jenner said in a confessional that she wanted to get a peacock for her daughter because she wanted to “get Khloé’s mind off everything she’s going through,” She was probably talking about her breakup with Tristan Thompson, the father of her children.

The meal sounds like the one Stewart talked about in an interview with Insider, where she said she ate “a salad and a fish and a dessert” while eating at Jenner’s house with Kardashian and Jenner.

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Stewart told Insider at the time that they were “trying out a new chef” during the meal, which Jenner also said in the episode. At the end of the day, Kardashian thought that her mother, who lives next door to her, was not really trying to cheer her up.

“My mom’s crazy. You want a peacock, but you do not really want a peacock, so you are going to make it live on my land. But when you have a dinner party, I guarantee you that you will bring the peacock to your house, “During a confessional, Kardashian said.

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