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Who is the Better Half of Miranda Lambert? Here’s Everything We Know About Her Husband!

On Sunday, February 8, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and Paramount+, country singer Miranda Lambert performed at the Grammy Awards. The singer of “It All Comes Out In The Wash” is also up for three awards: Best Country Solo Performance, Best Country Song, and Best Country Album.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she talked about what she was going to wear to the awards shows. But she made it clear that her best accessory is her husband, Brendan McLoughlin. The “I have a dress, and a really hot husband who has a really nice suit, so we’re good on that,” the singer said in the publication, “Settling Down.”

This is not the first time the couple has been on a red carpet. At the 2019 American Country Music Awards, that happened a long time ago. After getting married in January 2019, the couple went public for the first time as a married couple. Before they got married, they dated for less than a year.

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And even though the two-time Grammy winner has been walking fewer red carpets with her husband, Brendan, lately because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that he will be supporting her and cheering her on (from a safe distance) at this significant moment in her career.

After all, they have been critical of each other for almost two years. Miranda and Brendan have both shared sweet moments from their relationship on social media, like when they saved a kitten named Tequila and spent time together in their new Airstream. They have also posted about their cute date nights in Nashville. (Can I just say “aww”?)

Brendan does not just cheer for his wife when she is up for an award; he also helps make musical magic happen. He was recently shirtless in Miranda’s music video for her song “Settling Down.” which he helped make.

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All of that is sweet as can be, but who is Brendan McLoughlin? Here is all the information you need about Miranda’s husband:

He used to be a model, but now he is a cop

Given how he looks, the first part does not really surprise me. Brendan worked for the South Midtown Precinct of the New York Police Department and is often mentioned in the precinct’s tweets. Miranda’s parents are also both police officers, which is likely what made her interested in Brendan. (Or maybe that smile did it… who knows?)

They worked together

People said that Miranda and Brendan met for the first time last November, when she was on Good Morning America with her band, the Pistol Annies. Brendan’s police precinct just so happens to cover Times Square, where the show is filmed. “For the show, my husband was in charge of security there.

My Annies saw him and thought I might be ready to hang out with someone. “She said this to the New York Times. “They invited him to our show behind my back.”

He is now part of the team that keeps Miranda safe

Country Living says Brendan used to work for the NYPD when they met, but he has since quit and is now part of Miranda’s security team.

They are eight years apart in age

Brendan is 28 years old, and Miranda is 36 years old (quite the 180 from Blake, who was seven years older than her). But for these two, age is just a number. Brendan sent Miranda a charming birthday message when she turned 36.

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“I want to wish my wonderful wife a happy birthday. I am not only thankful for you, but I am also so proud to call you my wife. “He put words on paper. “You are the kindest and most honest person I have ever met.

The fact that we have so many rescue dogs says it all. You go out of your way to make sure everyone around you is happy.”


He also has a child

People confirmed that Brendan had a child from a previous relationship in November, right around the time he met Miranda. This was right after his wedding to Miranda.

Brendan is still keeping a low profile, which is understandable since he is a police officer. However, judging by their smiles and the way Miranda gushed about her new husband on Instagram after their wedding, it seems like they are very happy together.

He and Miranda have been together for two years now.

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For their second anniversary in January 2021, the country star posted a photo from their wedding day. “2 years together!❤️  @brendanjmcloughlin

@blythethomas, it has been a year! “She gave the post a title.

Brendan made his own anniversary post, which included a picture of home cook Miranda with a face that said, “if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” (It looks like you do not want to mess with her when she has wooden spoons in her hands!) He just wrote, “Happy anniversary to this amazing woman. @mirandalambert 🔥,”

He has been travelling with Miranda during his quarantine

In February 2021, Brendan shared what he and Miranda had been doing over the past few months by posting a picture of himself cuddling up to Miranda and a series of pictures of delicious food. Even the fact that he is put on 10 pounds.

“Put the airstream on the hitch, get in the car, and go. I have always loved going places, no matter where they are. Walking around a place you have never been to and learning about its history is fascinating.

But anyone who knows me knows how much I love food. Charleston and Asheville have left me speechless, made me gain 10 pounds, and shown me exactly why I keep going to the gym.

Thanks for the delicious food from @hallschophouse, @dinehighcotton, @harkencafe, @curatetapasbar, and @carmellascharleston. As for @therealmoosecafe, keep making those biscuits, and @mirandalambert will keep coming back. “He gave the post a caption. Miranda has also written about their Airstream travels, which included a trip to South Carolina and Georgia.

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