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Kouji Mori Kentaro Miura Manga: Return Of ‘berserk’ One Year After Death Of Creator Kentaro Miura

The acclaimed manga artist Kentaro Miura died in 2021 at the age of 54, leaving his ongoing series Berserk incomplete.

Now, Young Animal, the comic book publisher that serialized Berserk, has stated that Berserk will continue under the direction of manga artist Kouki Mori, a close friend of Miura.

According to Mori, Miura’s intentions for the Berserk plot were discussed before his passing, and he intends to bring the series to a logical conclusion alongside several of Miura’s assistants.


Miura’s most famous work is Berserk, a dark fantasy manga set in a horrific medieval-inspired environment. It began publication in 1989 and has influenced several fictional works across a broad spectrum. Miura’s influence may be seen in video games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Final Fantasy, as well as manga and anime such as Demon Slayer, Castlevania, and Vagabond.

Mori said in a statement, “I assume individuals with good intuitions would have realized by now that I know the entire plot of Berserk.”

“Nonetheless, I cannot say I can draw it simply because I know it. Because only a genius like Kentaro Miura is capable of writing a masterpiece like Berserk “Mori contin However, a heavy burden has been placed upon me.

According to Mori, Miura’s old assistants contacted him, claiming they wished to complete the final chapters Miura had left behind. Mori consented to assist. After contacting Young Animal, Mori obtained the necessary support and approval to pursue the story to its conclusion.

Mori stated, “I have a message and a pledge for everyone.” “I will recall as many specifics as possible and recount the story. In addition, I will only compose the episodes that Miura discussed with me. I will not elaborate. I shall not write episodes that I cannot recall in full detail. I shall simply compose the lines and stories described by Miura. It will not be flawless. Nonetheless, I believe I can virtually communicate the story Miura intended to portray.”

Young Animal stated in a statement that it believes this “imperfect” method is the “greatest way” to bring Miura’s vision for Berserk to reality. Planned actions include concluding the ongoing Fantasia Arc/Elf Island Chapter and thereafter initiating a new arc. This arc will likely bring Berserk to a close.

Young Animal stated, “We believe that Berserk has touched the hearts of many fans, and Mr. Miura would be pleased to know that his ideas have had a significant impact on people’s lives and work.” “We hope that everyone will maintain the same attachment to Berserk in subsequent chapters.”

On June 24th, a new chapter of Berserk will be released in an issue of Young Animal.

Published initially on June 6, 2022, at 10:37 p.m. PT.

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