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Klay Thompson Disqualified From The Warriors-Suns Game For Staring At Devin Booker

For the first time in his career, Warriors guard Klay Thompson was removed from Tuesday night’s 134-105 loss to the Phoenix Suns after receiving two technical fouls in a row during a physical third quarter. 

The five-time All-Star had never been thrown out of a game before in his entire 759-game career, which included the playoffs

Thompson allegedly engaged in a lengthy verbal exchange with Phoenix’s Devin Booker during the third quarter, during which he boasted that he had four championship rings. When there were still 6 and a half minutes left in the quarter, the two continued to argue and eventually bumped chests, leading to double technicals for both players. 

Draymond Green, a forward for the Warriors, remarked, “There was chirping on both ends, I know that.” “I got the impression [the Suns] were feeling a lot.” 

After Thompson turned to leave, Mikal Bridges butted up to him. After Thompson pushed Bridges away, he received a technical foul for the second time and was subsequently ejected. Warriors assistant coach Chris DeMarco and teammate Stephen Curry had to restrain Thompson. 

According to Curry, “he had a lot more to say after he got tossed out, which I loved.” I appreciate that he is invested in the game in a way that includes the back-and-forth because it is clear that this is important to him. 

During the third quarter, both sides received seven technical fouls in a span of less than six minutes. There were a lot of heated exchanges between Green and the officials, as well as between Green and Warriors coach Steve Kerr and Phoenix players Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton, who all received technical fouls for their behavior. The Elias Sports Bureau says that those seven technicals were tied for the most in a single quarter over the last 25 years. 

“Both groups seem eager to win. Personally, I don’t take it that way. Just a healthy dose of respect, I suppose. They have won the title of champions, “Coach Monty Williams of the Phoenix Suns made the following statement. “Given that they deserve nothing less than the best, we will only give it to them. As a result, I believe that most of the passion stems only from a desire to win. We don’t take it personally, but we do realize now that, after all the craziness subsides, we have to get back to business and focus on being competitive and attempting to win the game. ” 

Even after he was done talking to Booker, Thompson kept yelling at the Suns’ bench and pointing and gesturing at them. 

Booker remarked, “We’re simply two competitors.” “My affection for Klay Thompson is undeniable. I’ve been doing this for a very long time. However, that won’t stop us from chatting and competing with each other. The way he plays the game on both ends of the field is impressive. The rings, of course, do all the talking.

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