Kirk Franklin Controversy, Family, Awards And Estranged Son

Kirk Dwayne Franklin (born January 26, 1970) is an American gospel musician, singer, songwriter, choral conductor and author. He is known for leading his urban his contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God’s Property and One Nation Crew (1NC), and he has won multiple awards including 12 Grammy Awards.

Kirk Franklin Family

Kirk Franklin, 51, has four children: Kerion, Carrington, Kennedy, and Kazia. When Kirk married his wife Tammy Collins in 1996, the two had a child from a previous relationship. Gospel His Artist had a son, Keryon, and Tammy had a daughter, Carrington, whom Kirk later legally adopted. The couple had two children together, Kennedy and Kaziah. Kerion, 33, is the eldest son of his gospel artist.
kirk franklin family
Franklin and the rest of the group have pursued solo careers since 2010, but have occasionally gotten back together, such as when they got together for a gospel concert in Dallas in 2017.

Child With Controversy

Born in 1988, Kerrion describes himself as a “writer, producer and cinematographer” on his Instagram page. He is also into music and often shares his photos in his studio. He came to prominence after sharing a video of an altercation with his father in March 2021. Kerion captioned his 45-second clip. His father shouldn’t talk to his child like that. “If there’s anything wrong with me, it’s because of this kind of treatment I’m dealing with behind closed doors.” On Saturday, March 13, 2021, father Kirk released an apology video saying he “wasn’t perfect.”
kirk franklin Child With Controversy

The Leaked Phone Call

Grammy-winning gospel singer Kirk His Franklin expressed his apology over the weekend after his son posted a recording of a phone conversation. In the audio portion of the call, posted on Kerion Franklin’s Instagram account, Elder Franklin said, “You gotta get skinny mom f—–g-ass out of G—–.” I hear you there. Put my feet on your buttocks in front of me. ” “If you insult me, I will break your neck,” he continued before seemingly hanging up.

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin apologizes after son records expletive-laden phone call

The Grammy-winning gospel singer and his wife, Tammy Franklin, appeared on the Tamron Hall show to discuss the deep-seated “tensions and challenges” their families face personally, as Kerion recorded Sunday, via Instagram. In a leaked fiery call, Franklin could be heard yelling “put your foot in your A-” and “break your neck” if ignored. In an apology video he posted on Twitter the next day, he She had a “toxic” relationship with her 32-year-old son for years and tried to resolve the issue through counseling and therapy.

Kirk’s son made headlines again in his September, but this time his mother Sean his Ewing was the culprit. The Neighborhood Talk has republished Kerrion’s video of her Instagram Live session. Kerrion accused the writer-producer-cameraman of her mother’s abuse. “I’m being abused right now. I’m being attacked by my own mother.

This is on live!” Kerrion tells his mother and another family member, according to Black Enterprise. Other clips of the showdown seem to show Kerrion’s mother preventing Kerrion from going back inside her house to get things. “You need help,” she said at one point during their discussion, just before Kerion shouted. “I live now just to make sure I’m protected. Let the world know. My mother has already attacked me and is now trying to take me to the hospital. It’s crazy! “

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