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Dokkan Top Grossing, Popularity, Success, And FAQs.

Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle hit record sales in February, propelling the title to number three on the global mobile game revenue charts, the highest-ever ranking.

Dokkan Battles Up the Chart

This report shows how the world’s most installed mobile games were developed in February 2019, based on data from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence. In addition to 3rd place overall, Dokkan Battle soared to 4th place on Apple’s App Store and 2nd place on Google Play.


Why is Dokkan Battle so popular?

Dokkan Battle Image Results It actually took years for Dokkan Battle to become a top earner. Over the years of development, Bandai Namco laid the foundation for what this event ultimately achieved. A strong monetization core game provided the foundation for Dokkan Battle to build live events and highly engaging content.


RarityNameAllows you to…
 3 Reasons How Dokkan Battle Reached #1 Top Grossing 15NormalReach Max level of 20
 3 Reasons How Dokkan Battle Reached #1 Top Grossing 6RareMax level of 40
 3 Reasons How Dokkan Battle Reached #1 Top Grossing 13Super RareMax level of 60, can be awakened into a SSR
 3 Reasons How Dokkan Battle Reached #1 Top Grossing 16Special Super RareMax level of 80, can be awakened into a UR
 3 Reasons How Dokkan Battle Reached #1 Top GrossingUltra RareMax level 100, can we awakened into a TUR
*Does not drop in Gacha, must be awakened
 3 Reasons How Dokkan Battle Reached #1 Top Grossing 2(Transcend)
Ultra Rare
Max level 120, can be awakened into a LR using extremely rare event-driven currencies
*Does not drop in the Gacha
3 Reasons How Dokkan Battle Reached #1 Top Grossing 4Legendary RareMax level 150
Can only be 1 of 3 characters
+ a lot of rare event currencies
*Does not drop in the Gacha


What made it the #1 grossing game, pushing past Supercell, Nintendo, and Machine Zone holiday events?

The reasons are summarized in three Monetization Core: A powerful gacha-based system that drives monetization Drive Desire: Connect IP, Build Community, Rare and Desirable Content Sales Design: Timely sales before and after the event keep players converting again and again.

How did Dokkan Battle come about?

The event was a summoning festival. For 77 hours, the player has the opportunity to summon 5 new heroes for her. A set of two popular heroes, Super Saiyan God SS Vegetto and Goku Black Rose.

dokkan battle

If you’re not a fan of the show: The show repeats itself until the main character Goku fights, gets beaten, rises to a new form, the villain does the same, Goku gets beaten again, flashes, and finally Goku wins (This allows you to run many episodes at the end).

Those familiar with the show’s story will also know that Vegito and Goku Black are different, but we’ll avoid getting too deep into the show’s lore here. Regardless, the Dragon Ball Z IP made a comeback last year, aired on a new major TV show, and once again gained a strong following. Fans of the series know these characters and are very excited to have them join the team in Dokkan Battle.

Some Interesting Facts of Dokkan Battle Game

  • The Story Revolves Around Trunks Investigating A Time Distortion
  • It Covers All Dragon Ball Franchises
  • It’s A Puzzle/Action Game, Not A Fighting Title
  • There Are Years’ Worth Of Campaigns And Content
  • It Crosses Over With Toriyama’s Dr. Slump
  • It Features Other Video-Game-Exclusive Characters
  • They’ve Done A Series Of April Fools’ Day Joke Events


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