Jason Momoa wishes to keep his kids away from Hollywood; Says “I don’t want them to get into acting”

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The 42 year old American actor and producer Jason Momoa shares two children, daughter Lola Iolani Momoa, 14, and son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa, 12½, with wife Lisa Bonet.

Supposedly the ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Game Of Thrones’ fame doesn’t go quite well with the idea of his kids taking up acting as their career and wants to keep them miles away from Hollywood.

In conversation with ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Jason Momoa opened up on why he wishes so, revealing, “Aw man, one of them wants to do it and I’m not a fan. I don’t want them to.”

He further added, “I don’t know. I’ll try my damnedest to keep ’em out of it. I love storytelling, I love theatrical things, I like directing and filmmaking, but I just want them to, you know, really to go for other things.”

It feels strange as both Jason and his wife Lisa have been doing great in Hollywood and have come a long way, two of the very finest and successful actors we know of, with Lisa having worked in projects like the ‘Cosby Show’ and ‘High Fidelity.’

The star went ahead to reveal, “If they want to, maybe, but I don’t want them to get into acting. It’s very hard on people and I don’t want them to have that pressure. I’m tough, I can handle it, but I wouldn’t want to put someone I love [through] that.”

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