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Joker 2: Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn First Look Revealed and Harvey Dent’s Role Hinted

Fans are buzzing with excitement as we get the first glimpse of Lady Gaga’s transformation into the infamous Harley Quinn in the upcoming sequel, Joker: Folie à Deux. The pop icon was spotted in New York on the set of the movie, and it’s safe to say that she’s looking more like the Clown Princess of Crime than ever before.

Decked out in Harley’s signature diamond-patterned clothing and sporting her iconic eye makeup, Lady Gaga was seen alongside Gotham PD officers and a group of protesters. Many of these Gotham citizens were wearing Joker-inspired face paint and masks, and were holding signs that read “Free Joker”, indicating that Arthur Fleck’s actions on the Murray Franklin Show at the end of 2019’s Joker may have consequences.

In addition to the Harley Quinn reveal, another exciting development has surfaced regarding the possible involvement of Harvey Dent in the upcoming sequel. One of the signs held by the protesters reads “Dent is the Clown”, hinting at the involvement of the prominent District Attorney of Gotham City, who is better known as his alter ego, Two-Face.

The last time we saw Two-Face on the big screen was in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film, The Dark Knight, and fans are eagerly anticipating his possible return in Joker: Folie à Deux. While it remains to be seen if we’ll see Two-Face in action in the sequel, it’s likely that he’ll be the one responsible for putting Arthur Fleck behind bars.

While the details of Joker: Folie à Deux are still shrouded in mystery, director Todd Phillips has reportedly confirmed that it will be a musical. This movie will also be set apart from James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Universe, and will instead live alongside Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman movies.

As fans eagerly await the release of Joker: Folie à Deux, the first look at Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn and the hints at Harvey Dent’s possible involvement have only fueled the excitement. With so much anticipation building up around this movie, we can’t wait to see what Todd Phillips and his team have in store for us. Stay tuned for more updates!

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