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John C. Reilly Net Worth 2022: American Actor, Early Details, And Everything You Need To Know

John C. Reilly is an actor, comedian, musician, producer, and writer from the United States. Reilly likes to stay out of the spotlight and away from the camera. Throughout his long career, John has been in several well-known movies. Some of the most famous movies are Boogie Nights, Days of Thunder, Chicago, Gangs of New York, The Hours, Wreck-It Ralph, Step Brothers, and Talladega Nights.


John C. Reilly: Net Worth 2022

American actor, comedian, voice actor, musician, producer, and screenwriter John C. Reilly has a net worth of $50 million as of 2022. When she’s not acting, Reilly likes to stay out of the spotlight. John has been an actor for a long time and has been in a lot of well-known movies. “Boogie Nights,” “Days of Thunder,” “Chicago,” “Gangs of New York,” “The Hours,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” “Step Brothers,” and “Talladega Nights” are all well-known movies.

John C. Reilly: Early Life Details

John Christopher Reilly was born in Chicago, Illinois, on May 24, 1965. Reilly was the fifth of six children. She grew up in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood as a Roman Catholic. She told Cinema Blend, “Like most Irish Americans, I’m very proud of that part of my heritage.” Reilly’s father, John Reilly, gave him the middle name Christopher so that his son wouldn’t be a junior.

Reilly went to Brother Rice High School, a Catholic private school for boys in Chicago that was only for boys. He was always getting into trouble and was often sent to the principal’s office. Even though he didn’t want to be an actor, once he started acting in plays, he found that he liked it and had found his people.

In 1978, Reilly got a BFA in acting from what was then called the Goodman School of Drama at Chicago’s DePaul University.

John C. Reilly: Personal Life Details

Alison Dickey is Reilly’s wife. They met on the set of his first movie, “Casualties of War.” Dickey worked for Sean Penn, and the two of them became friends. The couple got married in 1992, and their first son, Leo, was born in 1998.

Their second son, whose name isn’t given, was born in 2001. In an interview with People magazine in 2008, Reilly said, “I dread the day when they [his kids] leave the house” and “I love every minute I get to spend with them.”

John C. Reilly: Career Details

In 1989, “Casualties of War” was Reilly’s first movie.

Over the next few years, he was in several movies with Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Bacon, and Meryl Streep.

Since there was already a John Reilly in the Screen Actors Guild, he uses his middle initial on the job. In 1996, he worked with Gwyneth Paltrow and Samuel L. Jackson in the movie “Hard Eight.” In two movies, “Boogie Nights” and “Magnolia,” he worked with Paul Thomas Anderson.

In 2000, he got his big break when he was in “The Perfect Storm.” The movie did well at the box office, making $328.7 million worldwide on a $120 million budget.

In 2002, Reilly’s movies Gangs of New York, The Hours, and Chicago were all up for the Academy Award for “Best Picture.” He was nominated for both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for “Best Supporting Actor” for his role in “Chicago.”

In 2012, Reilly was the voice of Ralph in the Disney movie “Wreck-It Ralph.” The movie did well at the box office, and in 2018, he played the same role he had in the first movie.

John C. Reilly: Real Estate

John and Alison bought a house in Altadena, California, for $1.225 million in 2004.

Favorite Quotes By John C. Reilly

“I always get a headache the first time I watch a movie I’m in. Because you’re staring at the screen so hard, your brain is doing all this work trying to put things in the context of what the day-to-day experience of making it was. And the timeline that’s in your head of when it was made, and on what day, how you felt. And then you’re also trying to grasp what it’s been edited into.” 

“I get the greatest joy from just doing anything, being an actor. Making music and doing what I love to do. I don’t make a huge distinction between comedy and drama. I think the whole point is just trying to be as honest, from moment to moment, as you can be. If you’re honest about the material, and the material is ridiculous, then you’re in a comedy.”

“ Country Music is the final destination for many punk rockers […] Rockabilly is the mid-point and then [they] end up at Country […] There’s a purity to that music, and I think that appeals to a lot of punk rock people – the precision, the purity, and the directness of Country Music.”


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