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4 Main Types Of Essay In Academic Writing

Writing an essay isn’t all about going 1, 2, 3, and then finishing it up blandly.

Like cooking, it’s something where you can flourish your creative persona and showcase how you can curate something from scratch.

However, here’s the thing.

If you don’t know how to write an essay, you should always start from the basics. And, that’s what we’re going to talk about here. So, let’s begin.

What Is Academic Essay Writing?

An academic essay, in essence, aims to persuade the reader through the usage of an idea or a theory solely based on evidence. So, for example –

  • It should answer a query or task in a valid and clear manner.
  • There must be an argument and a thesis statement in the article.
  • It has to discuss or present something and develop a thesis based on proper reasoning.
  • Finally, there should be at least one or two relevant examples available here as well.

If you follow a high-end writing service, like write my essay 4 me, you’ll see that they tend to follow a specific structure. The following are a few of them.

  • Analyze the question properly and define whatever key terms it carries.
  • Now, try to establish a possible point of view or thesis here by doing proper research. Going for a journal or a book will be the best course of action for you.
  • After that, take a note or two from your reading and write them in a place clearly.
  • It’s time for you to plan and structure your essay properly. Also, don’t forget to write a draft of the same before making any further move.
  • Set it somewhere else for a day or two and read it again. If you feel there’s something you have to change, do it.

Once you’re done, finish up the essay in style and finalize your citations properly. Jot down the final draft on a high-quality paper and submit the same to your professor.

What About The Essay Types?

Oh yes, did we forget? There’s more than one type of essay available out there. And, each of them tend to serve different purposes. Therefore, your writing style will depend on what you are working on as well. Keep reading to know more in this regard.

Type – 1: Narrative Writing

As you already, the aim of a narrative is to offer a storyline. Hence, when you’re writing this type of essay, you’ll need to include a beginning, a midsection, and an end to it.

Whether the story is true or fictional would depend solely on the assignment. However, apart from that, your teacher might look for some other aspects as well, including –

  • The overall organization of the article.
  • The usage of punctuation and grammar.
  • Plot development and art of characterization.
  • Providing descriptive dialogues.

You don’t need to make the details too descriptive though. But, exaggerating a few words or phrases, like darkening sky or citric lemonade, can make the writing a little more graphical.

Type – 2: Expository Essay

Unlike the former, an expository essay is all about providing opinion-free information on a single topic. The writing style or length of the same can be narrow or broad.

Usually, this type of essay can be found in an examination or an in-class assignment. So, if you want to tackle it correctly, you’ll need to –

  • It should clarify the topic properly and lay out each and every element briefly.
  • The first paragraph of the same must contain at least one well-defined statement.
  • You must offer enough evidence through the same to support your writing.
  • The conclusion has to readdress the thesis again and offer an unique viewpoint on it.

Finally, the transition between each part of the essay must be clear and logical. Besides, you must clarify one section of the article properly before moving on to something else.

Type – 3: Argumentative Write-Up

An argumentative essay will offer a profound investigation on a topic, leading to evaluation and accumulation of evidence. It’s all about offering an in-depth study on something that’ll offer an established position on the topic if written concisely. Here’s how you should write it.

  • The introduction of the article should set the context and explain the exigence of the same. It has to formulate a properly-narrowed thesis statement as well.
  • For the body, you’ll need to use one idea per paragraph. Also, begin each sentence with at least one topic sentence. Don’t forget to add facts and evidence as well.
  • While writing the conclusion, you’ll need to restate your whole thesis again. Also, we will ask you to add some concluding remarks by yourself.

Type – 4: Persuasive Essay

In essence, persuasive writing is the complete opposite of an expository essay. In this aspect, you’ll need to focus on the core opinion first and persuade the reader to have an opinion.

Although writing a persuasive essay is pretty, we’ll ask you to use the following tips to boost your writing style and efficiency even more.

  • The thesis statement of the article should make it clear that the article will share an opinion on the titular topic. This position should be maintained from the introduction.
  • The body of the persuasive essay should contain at least one argument in progression. You should begin from the least crucial one to the most important one.

In addition, we’ll also ask you to use logos, ethos, and pathos to persuade your readers. Also, the writing style should follow a sense of assertion to let your audience feel like you’re telling the truth. Don’t use any violating words or phrases, though.

Your Cue To Get Started!

In this blog, we’ve tried to offer some tips and tricks on each type of essay writing. But, you must keep in mind that these are only the basics. The art of essay writing takes quite a lot of time to muster properly. And, only reading an article or two on it won’t be enough for you. In addition, you’ll also need to practice writing. That’s how you’ll learn more about it!


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