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Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: How Much Does The Singer Weigh Now?

Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss success story has gained international recognition. Kelly Clarkson’s remarkable transformation was on full display at her first red-carpet appearance after her remarkable weight loss, leaving everyone in disbelief.

Her journey not only made her look better, but it also encouraged other people to lead healthier lives. Additionally, Clarkson has been transparent about her struggles with weight gain, dieting, and loss.

She talked about how she manages her thyroid and autoimmune conditions. So, every person’s journey to losing weight is different. Let’s explore Kelly’s weight loss experience to see if we can learn anything from it.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Journey

Based on her Instagram images, Kelly Clarkson has gained followers as a result of her recent weight loss efforts. She featured her toned body in multiple pictures, one of which featured her 40-plus-pound weight loss.

You can see the official Twitter post below:

Clarkson has made it apparent that being thin does not equate to being healthy, despite her acceptance of a smaller body. In a 2018 statement to Redbook, she said that she often equates happiness with having a larger frame.

She disproved the notion that gaining weight is a sign of trouble; rather, she believed it to be a sign of emotional stability. Later, while hosting The Kelly Clarkson Show, she offered advice on accepting oneself.

In June 2020, she emphasized the significance of understanding how life experiences shape a person. She thinks that despite her difficulties, she is a strong, confident person—qualities she discovered within herself.

After divorcing Blackstock after seven years of marriage, Clarkson reflected on the challenging role of co-parenting and continued to lose weight. The American singer stated in 2018 that exercise had no impact on her weight loss.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Journey
Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Journey

She discussed not working out and emphasized that her focus was on performance rather than sports. Following the official declaration of her divorce from Brandon in March 2022, Kelly Clarkson appeared to have shed even more pounds.

As she promoted her work with Audacy, fans praised her appearance and inquired about her weight loss secret. She first credited the “lectin-free” diet outlined in Dr. Steven Gundry’s book for her 2018 transformation, though she hasn’t revealed a specific plan.

The focus of this diet is staying away from lectins, which are proteins found in many plant-based foods and are considered to be toxins that should not be consumed. This approach might be useful for people who are struggling to control autoimmune disorders or lose weight.

When talking about her exercise routine, she emphasized the need to break away from the car-centric lifestyle she had in Los Angeles. She claimed that walking around New York City burns calories without the need to visit the gym.

In order to achieve her target weight, Kelly maintained a healthy, balanced lifestyle that included eating a balanced diet.

Check out the tweet below:

What Is Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Now?

As of 2024, Kelly Clarkson weighs 154 pounds (70 kg). The well-known American singer is most known for winning the 2002 American Idol competition. She has always been in the spotlight for her musical abilities. She is now well-known, though, because of her songs and her inspiring story of weight loss.

What Is Kelly Clarkson's Weight Now?
What Is Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Now?

Clarkson shed almost forty pounds by following a certain diet and reducing her intake of carbohydrates and sweets. Foods like tortillas, cheese, chips, biscuits, and soda were things she gave up on. Her weight loss not only made her look better, but it also inspired others to live healthier lives.

People took notice when she shared her amazing transformation on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and on social media. While she has gone through challenges and weight fluctuations similar to many others, her recent change has been quite inspiring, leaving many to wonder what her weight loss secrets are.

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