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Jerry Jones Family: How Many Kids Does He Have?

Since February 1989, American businessman Jerral Wayne Jones Sr. has served as the Dallas Cowboys’ owner, president, and general manager. The Cowboys play in the National Football League. In this post, you will get all the information related to his family, including his professional life and more updates.

Jerry Jones Family

Jones was born in Los Angeles, California, to John “Pat” and Armenita Jones. The family moved back to North Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1945, where he grew up.

Jerry Jones Wife

Jerry is married to Eugenia. 1944 was her birth year. Her age is seventy-four. She studied at Arkansas University. She was the reigning Miss Arkansas. In 1963, she and Jerry tied the knot. She sits on the board of directors of AT&T’s Center for the Performing Arts and is a member of the Texas Cultural Trust Board. She co-chairs the Meadows School of the Arts as well.

Jerry Jones Family

Stephen Jones, Son

Stephen Jones is one of two sons and the eldest child. He was born June 21, 1964, and currently serves as the chief functional executive vice director of player personnel for the Cowboys. He is the owner’s most well-known child. He is a father of four children.

Charlotte Jones, Daughter

Stephen is older than Charlotte Jones. Her birthday is July 26, 1966. She currently holds the positions of chief brand officer and administrative vice president for the Cowboys. She is a mother of two children.

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Jerry Jones Jr., Son

Born on September 27, 1969, Jerry Jr. Jerry Jr. was purportedly the owner’s last child. He is currently the chief sales and marketing officer for the Cowboys. He’s a Florida resident. He has two children as well.

Alexandria Davis, Possible Daughter

If Davis turns out to be Jerry Jones’ child, this is where she would fit in the family tree. She works as a congressional aide and is twenty-five years old. According to Davis, a prior case from the 1990s was settled between the owner and her mother. Regarding their connection to the Jones family, her mother consented to remain silent.

Up until the age of 28, Alexandria was scheduled to receive payments on a regular basis. Pictures of the pair are few. In the mid-1990s, Jones and Alexandria’s mother, Cynthia Davis, had a romantic relationship.

Jerry Jones Career

Following his graduation from college in 1965, Jones took out a million-dollar loan from the Teamsters Union, then led by Jimmy Hoffa, to establish several Shakey’s Pizza locations around Missouri. After the failure of that venture, Jones started working at his father’s insurance company, Modern Security Life of Springfield. He was the company’s executive vice president. In the late 1960s, he made multiple attempts to launch businesses. Jones attempted to purchase the San Diego Chargers of the NFL at one point, utilizing Teamster’s funds once more.

He eventually returned to Arkansas to complete his master’s program in business, which he received in 1970. Jones founded Jones Oil and Land Lease, a privately held corporation that engages in exploring natural resources. The following twenty years were devoted to earning money and planning his comeback to football.

Jones founded Legends Hospitality in 2008 in collaboration with Yankee Global Enterprises. Legends is a retail, food, beverage, merchandise, and stadium operations corporation that provides services to Cowboys Stadium and other entertainment venues.

Jerry Jones Cowboys Ownership

For $140 million, Jerry Jones acquired the Dallas Cowboys on February 29, 1989. That’s equivalent to about $300 million in today’s dollars, inflation included. Not long after the acquisition, he hired Jimmy Johnson, a former teammate from Arkansas, in place of Tom Landry, the team’s sole previous coach. In addition, he removed general manager Tex Schramm from his position and assumed total command of football affairs.

The Cowboys were 1-15 in Jones’ first season as owner. The squad immediately turned things around under Jones and Johnson, and the following season, they finished 7-9. The Cowboys finished 11-5 in 1991, qualified for the postseason, and lost in the second round. The Cowboys won Super Bowl XXVII against the Buffalo Bills during the 1992–1993 season. They overcame the Bills once more the following year to win Super Bowl XXVIII.

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What Is Jerry Jones’ Net Worth?

The CEO, businessman, and owner of the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL is Jerry Jones, an American. Jerry Jones is worth 13 billion dollars. As executive vice president of Modern Security Life in Springfield, Missouri, Jerry Jones made his first fortune. In addition, he founded and is the owner of Jones Oil and Land Lease, an organization that looks for natural gas and oil resources in Arkansas. Jones paid $140 million to acquire the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. Currently, the club has a $9 billion market value.

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