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Anthony Fantano Divorce: Speculations And Clues Surrounding The Split

The Needle Drop is a YouTube channel and website owned by American music critic and internet celebrity Anthony Fantano. It also has a Twitch streaming channel. Fantano, who describes himself as “The Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd,” blogs about and reviews music in a range of genres. Continue reading the article to learn more about Anthony Fantano’s Divorce and other details.

Anthony Fantano Divorce

Anthony Fantano is divorcing his spouse. The well-known American YouTuber and music critic has been in the news lately due to reports of his public breakup with his wife, Dominique Boxley. Social media users have expressed interest in the couple’s divorce, which has prompted conversations among fans and followers of Anthony Fantano’s art. The pair attempted to refute reports of their breakup in 2018, but the information eventually surfaced again, sparking theories about the grounds for the divorce.

It is said that Dominique Boxley and Anthony Fantano got together early in the new millennium and clicked because they both loved music. After visiting Hershey, Pennsylvania, for a vacation together, they tied the knot in the middle of the 2010s. Fantano’s wife, Dominique, has occasionally appeared in his YouTube videos despite his preference to keep his personal life private.

Although Anthony Fantano has talked about his thoughts around the divorce on his YouTube channel, he has also made it clear that his online persona is primarily focused on his ideas and critiques of music rather than his personal life.

The precise grounds for their divorce have not yet been made public, and it is unclear if Fantano will decide to address the persistent rumors about their breakup. Anthony Fantano’s profession still heavily relies on his work as a music critic and content creator, even with all of the emphasis focused on their personal lives.

Anthony Fantano Wife

Anthony Fantano’s spouse is Dominique Boxley. Although the precise date of Fanstano and Dominique’s wedding is still unknown, they appear to have tied the knot in a few videos posted to their joint YouTube page.

Anthony Fantano Divorce

Anthony Fantano’s Age

Anthony Fantano is currently 38 years old. He was born on October 28, 1985. Despite being very young, he has already attained a great deal of popularity and notoriety as an American music critic and YouTuber.

Anthony Fantano Career

As a teenager, Fantano resided in Wolcott, Connecticut. The hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys’ former lead vocalist Jello Biafra is credited with igniting his youthful interest in politics.

In the middle of the 2000s, Fantano started working as a music director for college radio. Fantano was WNPR’s The Needle Drop host in 2007. He began The Needle Drop, a series of written and video criticisms, that same year, starting with Jay Reatard. Fantano claimed he was “hinted” to continue doing video reviews after finding his review of Flying Lotus’ 2010 album Cosmogramma on YouTube’s “Featured Videos” section.

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In 2010, Fantano removed assessments that included audio clips in order to comply with DMCA regulations. At the same time, he was employed at a pizza place and working on The Needle Drop. He quit WNPR in 2011 to devote all of his attention to The Needle Drop. Fantano declined to assess songs on Adult Swim.

According to Spin, by November 2016, Fantano had launched a second YouTube channel called “thatistheplan,” where he posted “irreverent videos that don’t fall into the record review style” and examined memes. In October 2017, The Fader accused Fantano of encouraging alt-right sentiments on “thatistheplan.”

Fantano came under fire for disparaging feminists and using memes of Pepe the Frog. Numerous “The Needle Drop” U.S. tour dates were canceled after the article was published; one ticket website for a Brooklyn show cited the Fader piece.

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