Who Is Sean Hannity Dating

Who Is Sean Hannity Dating? Who Is Sean Hannity’s Current Partner?


Sean Hannity is a political journalist and talk show host better known for his show “The Sean Hannity Show.” Ainsley Earhardt, the 60-year-old television personality’s partner, is also well-known. However, the couple has yet to publicly declare their relationship.

Allegedly dating since 2020, Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt were first linked at a party where they were seen together. At the invitation of Pete Hegseth and Jennifer Rauchet, the hosts of Fox & Friends Weekend, Sean and Ainsley flew their private helicopter to Trump National Golf Course in Colts Neck, New Jersey.

It has been about two years since they started dating, but not one of them has confirmed it. When asked about her supposed beau, Ainsley Earhardt claimed she is focused on parenting her daughter right now, though. Earhardt remarked, “Sean is a beautiful person, and anybody he chooses to date will be really fortunate,” but she also added that she is not dating anyone.

There have been rumors that they haven’t come out and said they’re dating yet because of a variety of reasons. For starters, as Earhardt stated in the statement, it would be difficult for her to strike a work-life balance while still raising her daughter.

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Is Sean Hannity Dating Ainsley Earhardt?

Sean Hannity began dating Fox News co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt after his divorce from wife Jill in 2019.

With Jill Rhodes out of the picture, Hannity and Ainsley began their romance while he was still married to her. Earhardt, on the other hand, has been married twice before.

Kevin McKinney was the anchor’s husband from 2005 to 2010; they split in 2010. Her marriage to Will Proctor terminated in 2019 after two years of marriage.

Hannity and Earhardt are clearly in a relationship at the moment.

On the other hand, Hannity has not made this information public. When a journalist inquired about Hannity’s personal life, he declined to reveal his current relationship status.

Hannity, according to the host, does not want to discuss his personal life in this manner, according to the statement.

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Sean and Ainsley haven’t confirmed that they’re dating.

Ainsley Earhardt and Sean Hannity have apparently been dating since 2019 (via Distractify). After Hannity’s 25-year marriage to Jill Rhodes came to an end, the couple began dating. Earhardt has had two marriages. Kevin McKinney, with whom she was married from 2005 to 2010, was divorced in 2010. She married Will Proctor two years later and had a daughter, Hayden, with him. Their union came to an end in 2019 (according to The Celebrity People).

In 2020, Hannity and Earhardt appeared at a party together via helicopter, possibly making their romance public. In addition to using Hannity’s lawyer as her television agent, a reliable source told Vanity Fair that Earhardt hosted “Fox & Friends” from the basement of Hannity’s Long Island residence. As of this writing, neither has verified that they are in a relationship.

sean hannity and ainsley earhardt
sean hannity and ainsley earhardt

“Right now I am focused on raising my daughter. As anyone at Fox News will tell you, Sean is a wonderful person and whomever he chooses to date will be extremely fortunate,” Ainsley said in a statement. “I am not dating anyone.”

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Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt Dating History:

Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt were both married to their former lovers. Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity married in 1993, after two years of dating; they were married in front of their family and friends. The divorce was finalized in 2019, 20 years after the couple married.

While Ainsley Earhardt was married to her ex-husband, Will Proctor, Ainsley was not. After seven years of marriage, the former couple divorced. Will’s infidelity was the cause of their divorce. Ainsley’s previous marriage also ended in divorce due to adultery, so this wasn’t her first time going through it.

Ainsley was previously married to Kevin McKinney before marrying Will Proctor. The former couple was married in 2005 and divorced in 2009, yet they were still legally married. It is evident that Ainsley and her ex-husband Sean are not on good terms, yet Sean parted from his ex-wife amicably.

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