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Is Zoey Deutch In Relationship? Know About Zoey New Boyfriend Jimmy Tatro


As an actress and model, Zoey Deutch is an American woman. Zoey Francis Thompson Deutch is better known by her first name, Zoey. Her best-known role was as “Rose Hathaway” in the hit movie “Vampire Academy.” She has also worked in television, appearing in series like ‘The Suite Life on Deck’ and ‘Ringer’.

When Zoey was born, she came from a family of artists. She quickly and easily followed in their footsteps, becoming a well-known actress in her own right, as well. Zoey is also very active in the fight against the water crisis. She, along with her mother and sister, has worked on a number of projects for ‘Water.org’.

Zoey is also a well-known model. She has been in a lot of popular fashion magazines, like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Flaunt, Cosmopolitan, and Rogue magazine. She is a well-known model and actress, so many of her fans around the world think she is a role model for young people.

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Zoey Deutch Personal Life Details:

Also, Zoey is a very kind, social person. She supports Planned Parenthood and is a part of its rally with pro-choice people.

She has worked with Corazon de Vida, which helps orphanages in Mexico, for more than a decade.

For the Tory Burch Foundation’s Embrace Ambition campaign, Deutch is part of the group. She has been to the March for Women two times: in 2017 and 2018.

She was also one of the celebrity ambassadors for “Shop for Success,” a non-profit group that helps Dress for Success help more women get jobs.

It’s important to Zoey that people don’t sexually harass each other. She has been a part of many fundraising campaigns for charities and other things to help the needy.

What Is Zoey Deutch’s Relationship Status Now?

The Politician actress is no longer single and has been seeing Jimmy Tatro for quite some time. The Disney star and her boyfriend were recently photographed while stopping by a neighborhood coffee shop for a few drinks. The two were out and about in West Hollywood, California, dressed casually.

While the couple kept their relationship secret and out of the spotlight at first, the actor soon made things official with Zoey Deutch on Instagram. Tatro chose a particular day to do it, and on Valentine’s Day, he shared a series of images with Deutch. The photos were accompanied by a sentimental statement in which he stated that he is using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to upload some previously unreleased Zoey stuff.

Zoey Deutch Dating History: Ex-boyfriends Details

#1.  Zoey Deutch And Avan Jogia’s Relationship

Avan Jogia is a tall, tanned, and handsome person. He is also attractive and well-built. Born in Canada, he became well-known for his role in the 2009 movie Victorious, which made him a big star. His other skills include singing, writing, and being an activist.

Zoey and Avan first met at the Kids Choice Awards, where they both starred in Switched at Birth on ABC Family. Avan was in Twisted. They also starred in Twisted. Since they first met at the Oscars, there has been a strong sense of love in the air.

With Avan being more private, they didn’t have any trouble setting rules for their group. In their interviews, they didn’t go into any detail about their personal relationships, which shows this.

It’s a good idea to keep your love life private, says Avan. “I think that if you make your love life public, there is a greater chance that someone will try to get more information from you.”

To avoid attention, you should avoid it. Most of the time, you should be left alone. Glamoholic magazine asked him about this. He said this.


Many couples in the entertainment business have had to break up because they have different ideas about how to deal with the attention. For Zoey and Avan, though, that didn’t seem to be a problem at all

It wasn’t just on social media that they took pictures of how cute it was. There were videos of them dancing together, reenacting their high school prom, and so on, as well. Because a relationship where there is little or no conflict is always good to see, isn’t it, huh?

Having all of their pictures taken down together after they broke up is bad.

They had to say goodbye to these memories that were so important to them After five years, they broke up for the first time. We were beginning to believe that true love still exists in Hollywood.

#2.  Zoey Deutch And Josh Hutcherson’s Relationship

 Josh Hutcherson is an actor from the United States who is best known for his role in the Hunger Games movies. Both of them had a crush on Zoey Deutch, which is surprising because he was Avan’s best friend.

Their relationships were not the subject of many rumors or stories because Zoey Deutch made it a point to keep her private life out of the public eye. And even more, that has been the case since she met Josh Hutcherson in public.

When they went to Vancouver, Canada, there were only a few photos of them together in the same place. At that moment, their eyes met.

Also, there were a lot of pictures of them drinking at the bar and going to formal events. They broke up without telling us how long they had been together or why.

As a side note, it’s interesting to see that Zoey Deutch has always been attracted to men who aren’t afraid of a little privacy from the public. Josh Hutcherson was not the only one.

People who were in relationships with Josh Hutcherson in the past don’t know anything about his personal life. In the beginning, we knew who his girlfriend was, but we didn’t know much about his past.


There was a time when Zoey was dating both Josh and Avan at the same time. In spite of what the media and many people thought, they didn’t hate her.

We can all agree that Zoey was not a person who was likely to cause trouble in her relationships. This is how it went: She put her job first, and she is mature enough to keep her personal life and work-life separate. There’s something sweet about a woman who can date two men at the same time.

Josh and Zoey broke up, but hopefully, it wasn’t because one of them cheated on the other. It’s hard to think of Josh Hutcherson or Zoey Deutch cheating on their relationships.

Do You Know What Zoey Deutch Is Doing Right Now?

After that, she starred in Set It Up, Zombieland, and the comedy-drama Buffaloed (2019), which she also made and starred in. Since 2019, she has been in the Netflix show The Politician.

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