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Jhene Aiko Pregnant: Are Big Sean & Jhene Aiko Still Together?


Big Sean and his longtime girlfriend, Jhené Aiko, have been linked to pregnancy rumors after a fan said they saw the singer with a baby bump.

Long-time friends, they started dating in 2016, broke up, and then got back together in 2019. Since then, they’ve been going strong, but it’s not clear if they’ve decided to have more children.

Fans on social media have been talking about how the rapper and Aiko might be expecting a child.

All of it started with a post on Twitter. Someone on the Internet tweeted that they saw Aiko looking pregnant at a Whole Foods store.

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Is Jhené Aiko Pregnant?

In her most recent Instagram posts, it’s not clear if Jhené Aiko is pregnant or not.

Aiko’s Instagram account has pictures of her in baggy clothes from recently, and none of them show her stomach. This made the rumors that she was pregnant spread even more.

Aiko has a daughter named Namiko Love with O’Ryan, who she dated when she was a teenager.

People Have Said That Jhené Aiko Was Pregnant In The Past.

In 2019, fans went crazy over an Instagram live video Aiko posted on her 31st birthday. In the video, Aiko’s sister Mila J asked her when she would be having her gender reveal party, not realizing Aiko was recording.

Fans and news outlets saw the video as proof that Aiko was pregnant, but her sister later tweeted that it was all a joke.

It Is Said That Both Jhené Aiko And Big Sean Had A Miscarriage In The Past.

Big Sean and Aiko have dated on and off since 2016, and there have been rumors about them being pregnant in the past. Back in 2020, Big Sean’s song “Deep Reverence” hinted that the couple was going to have a baby, but Aiko ended up having a miscarriage.

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