Japan’s Torosha sweet shop is on a mission to make insect-infused treats a food staple for future generations while promoting potential nutritious and environmentally friendly insects. Wanna Osawa, the owner runs the store in Maebashi which is 10okm northwest of Tokyo. She grew up living in Tokyo but was good at catching crickets and toads in her garden at home and at local parks.

“I want our customers to eat insects and realize insects are an option for food, rather than to eat them (out of curiosity) just because they are insects. I want to make (eating insects) so accessible they’ll be sold at a trendy goods store,” the 25-year-old entrepreneur told the Washington Post.

After graduating from high school, she got a job with a company that cleaned fish tanks. She changed several jobs before the coronavirus pandemic hit. As the stores began to close she considered it to be time for her to jump all in to start her own bug-based baked goods. Her initial idea was to open a cafe with various insect specimens on display. But what pushed her to actually use bugs in her sweet treats was an exhibition on eating insects last fall that she attended.

She rented a tiny metal-roofed building and renovated the whole space herself. She purchased powdered crickets and used them as an ingredient in bread and other candied goods.


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