Mexican Pizza 2022 Release Date

Mexican Pizza Release Date 2022: Everything You Need To Know!

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When Taco Bell took Mexican Pizza off the menu in November 2020, it was hard to tell if the chain knew exactly how people would react. The reasons for getting rid of it made sense: the brand was in the middle of a big campaign to simplify its menu to make kitchens more efficient, and it said that getting rid of the Mexican pizza would cut down on packaging waste by a lot.

But the opposition to the decision came quickly and in a big way: Almost right away, a petition popped up, and even famous people like Dolly Parton got involved in the Mexican Pizza debate. So, whether Taco Bell really thought they could get away with removing the popular item or just wanted to use the “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” line, the public has spoken, and the Mexican Pizza is finally coming back.

Taco Bell announced this morning that the Mexican Pizza will be back on May 19, 2022. Loyalty members will be able to get one early, on May 17.

Taco Bell says changes have been made to the menu item behind the scenes. They have streamlined operations to keep kitchens moving quickly, changed where they get their ingredients and changed the packaging to leave less of an environmental footprint.

People who like vegetarian food have been the most vocal and hopeful that the Mexican Pizzas will come back. This is because Taco Bell has been a safe place for vegetarians**** because they can make their own food. The Mexican Pizza has two crispy flour shells, beans, pizza sauce, seasoned beef, tomatoes, and a three-cheese blend. It costs $4.49**** and can be made without the seasoned beef for vegetarians. For $8.99****, fans can get a combo of a Mexican pizza, two crunchy tacos, and a large fountain drink.

Mexican Pizza
Mexican Pizza

On May 19, fans in Aruba, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic will also be able to find their favorite Mexican pizza on the menus of some restaurants. Before the menu item comes back, more deals and special fan experiences will be announced.

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