James And Raquel Break Up

James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss Share Additional Details Regarding Their Separation


James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss were sad at the Vanderpump Rules Season 9 reunion because that was the first time they told the group about their breakup. Andy Cohen hosted the sit-down. During the reunion, the former couple talked about why they decided to break up, which they had already said in December, when the reunion was being filmed.

James and Raquel told everyone in the first few minutes of the January 25 reunion show that they had broken up. Raquel said, “We’ve decided to call off the wedding.” “I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and James has noticed that I’m not really into it.”

Raquel said that she “didn’t want to give up on” James because of everything they’ve been through together and how much he’s changed over the years. However, she said that she feels “like it’s something deep within” her that makes her think it’s time to end the relationship.

The cast of Vanderpump Rules was shocked by the news, and they all showed their support as the two talked more about their decision to break up. When asked who ended the engagement, Raquel said, “We both came to the same conclusion.” “It’s been a slow process of realising this. I haven’t really been able to step back and think about myself until just recently.”

Lisa Vanderpump tried to figure out what had gone wrong, and James told her, “We can’t keep poking at it. We’ve worked on it. We’ve worked on our relationship, and when I stopped drinking, I thought that would make everything better. It didn’t quite fix it all. A few months ago, we talked, and I asked her if I was her soul mate. She replied, “Do you think I’m your soul mate?””

James said, “That answer was the first time I felt like we didn’t have to be in the galaxy.” He also said, “We’d rather just end it and rip off the Band-Aid than get married, have a baby, and get a divorce, which is literally the last thing I want.”

The couple said that having to deal with quarantine during the pandemic was a factor in their breakup. They also said that their relationship had changed and become less intimate since the rage texts in Season 8.

james and raquel
james and raquel

During the talk about why they broke up, James said, “We’re just growing up, and you can’t f—king fight that.” “It’s not wrong, but there’s nothing wrong with it.”

During the reunion, Raquel gave James the engagement ring back. She also talked about what’s next for her, telling everyone that she still wants to become an occupational therapist. She said, “It’s hard.” “I imagined a life with James, and it was something I thought about a lot, so it’s kind of like closing that book and putting my energy somewhere else.”

On January 26, at 9/8c, Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Season 9 reunion will air.

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