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Jake Paul Vs. Anderson Silva Fight Results, Official Scorecards & Highlights

Jake Paul (6-0, 4 KOs), a former YouTube celebrity who is now a cruiserweight boxer, defeated MMA veteran Anderson Silva in an eight-round unanimous decision (3-2, 2 KOs). 

The results came up as 77-74, 78-73, and 78-73. 

As the fight began, Paul stepped forward and threw the first blow. Silva was repositioning himself while using motion. He was throwing sparingly. Silva’s left was landed, but he didn’t accomplish anything. In the second, Silva started out aggressively, shoving Paul aside. Silva was acting showy in the ring and was beginning to connect. 

Silva pushed himself forward in the third and aimed to hit Paul hard. Silva was hitting the head with his shots while he was hitting the body. With a few shots that Silva took well, Paul started to regain momentum. In the waning seconds, Silva returned with his own strokes. 

In the fourth, Silva’s nose was dripping blood. Both were successful in landing punches. Although it was a close fight, Silva may have taken the victory with his flurry of blows in the dying seconds. Silva performed well in the fifth round, pressing the action and throwing uppercuts. 

While Paul was jabbing in the sixth, Silva was largely keeping his distance. Paul made a number of shots that were successful before holding on. At the conclusion of the round, they were trading toe-to-toe. Paul was the combatant who was more aggressive in the seventh round. Up until the last seconds, Silva did not make as many punches. 

Paul was immediately pursued by Silva in the eighth round. Paul delivered a powerful right that knocked Silva to the ground as he chased after him. Paul took his time and did not jump on him as he searched for a bigger punch. In addition to moving forward and landing punches, Silva was also taking blows.

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