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It was time for Lindsay Lohan to go back to Hollywood after 10 years

It was time, in Lindsay Lohan‘s opinion, to go back to Hollywood.

In her first significant film role in nearly a decade, the 36-year-old actress stars in Netflix‘s “Falling for Christmas,” and Lindsay is thrilled to be back in the entertainment industry.

I really felt like the time had come, and it was just a matter of time before I found the appropriate script, which I did with “Falling for Christmas,” she added. It simply came together flawlessly.

During her teenage years, Lindsay rose to prominence as an actress before encountering a number of personal issues.

On the set of “Falling for Christmas,” Lindsay experienced some anxiety, but she also enjoyed herself.

She said to Yahoo Entertainment: “I felt incredibly blessed and grateful. Everything has been a lot of fun.

Lindsay previously stated that she “worked ceaselessly for a major part of [her] childhood” and so learned the value of taking career pauses.

The actress stressed the value of striking a good balance between her personal and professional lives.

You can take breaks, but you must be aware of the appropriate timing, she noted. because maintaining momentum is also beneficial. When you’re on a set, you become a family, and when the job is done, that family just disappears. So you’re experiencing culture shock and are unsure of what to do. It’s beneficial to keep your mind engaged.

Lindsay said that when the possibility of appearing in “Falling for Christmas” presented itself, she leaped at it.

The actress admitted, “I missed doing physical comedy, so I wanted to do more of that for this movie.” And I thought, “Why not? We’re here. I’m ready to carry it out. In some cases, I believe that going bigger is better. You can’t let fear overcome you.

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