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How to Recover Lost Data: Best Photo Recovery Tool


Imagine your computer is good in the morning, and then suddenly, it crashes. After exhausting all other possibilities, resetting your PC is your last resort. And that’s how you lose all your photos in the first place. However, you shouldn’t fear since we’ll be a photo recovery software that can accomplish just that in this article.

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How to Recover Lost or Deleted Data on Windows | Recoverit 8.5 Tutorial - YouTube

Part 1: How Photo Can Be Lost and What to Do to Recover?

Most folks who run into this problem do so because they accidentally erased crucial files. Malware or other spyware might have contaminated your files for another cause. Data loss can also occur if your hard disk physically breaks. However, in this circumstance, data recovery is very unlikely to succeed. Recovering permanently erased information can be done in several methods, but the quickest and most straightforward is using data recovery software.

If you’ve accidentally erased a file and need it back, Wondershare Recoverit— best data recovery app is a great option.

Part 2: Wondershare Recoverit: Best Permanently Deleted Photo Recovery Solution

Wondershare Recoverit is, without question, among the most sophisticated and powerful picture recovery tools available today. Its user-friendly design makes it a good choice for novices, but its robust feature set and speedy scanning make it a good choice for advanced users.

Wondershare Recoverit is an awesome tool for backing up and retrieving lost data from almost any electronic gadget. You can use Recoverit to recover footage from any device, even an outdated camcorder. You can quickly test the free version to see whether it is the correct program to secure data since you work remotely or to ensure your images and movies are protected.

In addition to a comprehensive scan, you’ll also get access to 24/7 assistance and support for various file types and systems. On the downside, higher levels only provide video repair and not picture repair, picture previews might be improved, and scan times might be reduced.

None of these drawbacks, however, should prevent you from using Wondershare Recoverit for picture recovery at home or in a small company. You should prioritize this product because of its high efficiency and the simplicity with which it can be used.

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Part 3: Using Wondershare Recoverit for Photo Recovery

Get Recoverit, a data recovery program, and put it on the laptop. Please ensure you have not yet performed any changes to the original disk where the deleted file was located, and don’t install our file recovery software on that drive either. To undelete files, please proceed as described below.

Step 1: Click “Start” and “Select Disk” in the software box to search the selected drive for deleted data.

select a hard disk drive

Step 2: The recovery software will begin a complete scan immediately. The scanning process often takes a few moments to complete. When multiple huge files are present, the process might take several hours.


Step 3: Once a scan is complete, the window will categorize the detected drive’s information into either “File View” or “Tree View.”

Note: To determine how much data can be retrieved from a deleted document, you can either see the original system files or examine certain file types, such as images and documents.

file recovery

Step 4: Next, choose the files you want to recover and hit “Recover” to restore them to an alternative external hard drive.

Part 4: Is Wondershare Recoverit Worth It?

In the world of software for creatives and computers, Wondershare is a household brand, which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Wondershare Recoverit is regarded as among the finest picture recovery programs available.

You can recover photographs and videos with the help of this data recovery software. If you’re willing to shell out for the more advanced versions, you’ll also have access to video restoration choices and bootable recovery solutions.

Wondershare Recoverit is simple to install, making it accessible to everyone who needs to restore lost company or personal documents. More information than ever before is kept digitally in images and files.

Part 5: Other Features of Recoverit

The following are some of the new features of Wondershare Recoverit that you should know about:

Advanced Video Recovery

To address major recovery issues, the company created Advanced Video Recovery. Specifically, it’s beneficial in three ways: via its use of smart scan technology, its ability to merge video fragments, and its use of deep scan technology.

Smart Scan Technology

All other scanning methods pale in comparison to the smart scan technology. In a short time, it can uncover and restore data that other recovery programs have never been able to access. It’s also a great foundation for merging video fragments that other recovery tools can’t.

Video Fragments Merging

In certain cases, recovering a movie from a single, unbroken portion on disk is easier than merging many video segments.

Video Repair

It is developed to assist people in fixing broken or unavailable video files. It accepts the most popular video file type. It has some great built-in features, such as the ability to repair several video codecs at once, a sample of the restored video formats before they are saved, and so on.

Quick Repair

With its high-performing algorithms, it can quickly scan video files and restore them in much less time than competing products. The video file can be fixed in only a couple of clicks, regardless of how it was broken.


Following these steps, you can utilize Wondershare Recoverit to regain lost data on your Windows computer. We gave it a thorough workout, and it turned out to be fully functional! To my surprise, it even recovered long-lost videos that had been erased.

That program to retrieve information from damaged PCs was fantastic. Many people in dire need of a trustworthy application to recover files from their PCs will find this an indispensable resource. You might purchase Wondershare Recoverit if you enjoy the system’s features and functionality.

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