Is Youtuber Ben Azelart Dating Singer Hannah Thomas

Is Youtuber Ben Azelart Dating Singer Hannah Thomas? Complete Relationship Info!


Some social media stars have come up with a clever way to keep their fans interested: they hint that they are in a relationship but don’t confirm it. Fans want to know who their favorite social media star is dating, so they keep coming back to look through the content for confirmation, only to find an endless trail of breadcrumbs.

The people who make the posts benefit because people keep responding to them. Ben Azelart used to be a pro at getting people to click on his links, but he doesn’t seem to be doing it anymore now that he’s dating model Hannah Thomas.

In The Middle Of 2021, Ben Azelart And Hannah Thomas Began Dating.

Around the middle of 2021, Ben Azelart and Hannah Thomas began dating. The two started commenting on each other’s social media posts more often, which was a sign that their friendship had turned into something more romantic.

Ben Azelart And Hannah Thomas
Ben Azelart And Hannah Thomas

Azelart proved that he was dating Hannah by posting photos of the two of them being romantic on Valentine’s Day. Ben wrote in the post’s title on February 15, 2022, “Valentine’s Day Polaroids.”

From what they say on social media, it seems like Ben and Hannah like to spend time together. In the middle of July 2022, she took part in a kissing contest that Ben Azelart posted on his page.

Hannah and Azelart made it to the final round of the contest, but Dom Brack and Sofie Dossi won the $10,000 prize.

Azelart Dated Lexi Rivera And Brighton Sharbino In The Past.

We found out about the relationship between Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera when they broke up in November 2020. It was said that they had dated on and off for a long time. Fans had guessed that the two were dating, but there was never any proof.

In the sad breakup video, the two people said nice things about each other and promised to stay friends. They said that one reason they broke up was the stress of dating in public. Both of them said:

“Having a relationship online is not at all the same. We didn’t know what was going on, and since we were young when this all started, it wasn’t easy. We went from being teenagers to being adults. Those were some of the most important years of our lives. As time went on, it got a little too hard to understand and a little too complicated.”

Ben didn’t say that he would never date Lexi again, but for now, he is seeing Hannah Thomas. Their posts on social media show that Azelart and Lexi are still close friends.

Ben went out with actress Brighton Sharbino before he met Lexi. Their relationship was a secret, and Sharbino only talked about it after they broke up. In a video that her sister, Saxon Sharbino, posted at the end of June 2020, Brighton called Ben the perfect boyfriend and said that she and Ben broke up on good terms.

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