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Is Vanna White Married: How Many Children Does Vanna White Have?

Unlike other celebrities, Vanna White’s romantic life stays out of the spotlight even though she is one of the most renowned women in America.

The Wheel of Fortune letter-turner is notoriously discreet about her personal life, but she is now very much in love and has dated some A-listers in the past. Learn more about Vanna White’s history with her spouse, boyfriends, and relationships—including the one she’s now involved with—here.

Is Vanna White Married?

Although Vanna White is not married at the moment, she freely says that her relationship with John Donaldson is so strong that she might as well be.

White told PEOPLE in October 2023, “I mean, we’ve been together for 12 years, and I feel like we are married.”. “Should we tie the knot? We are content in our relationship, thus the answer is no. Understand what I’m saying? I have a feeling he’s perfect. He is aware that I am the one.

She went on to say that she and Donaldson haven’t given much thought to getting married.

“We avoid discussing it, but it’s always a possibility,” she confessed. “I suppose we could, but as far as either of us is concerned, we’re married.”

How Many Times Has Vanna White Been Married?

George Santo Pietro was White’s sole marriage. They were married in 1990 and filed for a dissolution of their marriage in 2002.

The Santo Pietro children—a son named Nicholas “Nikko” and a daughter named Giovanna “Gigi”—are White and Santo Pietro’s.

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Although they are both reserved, a 2018 selfie that White took with Nikko made him go viral. View the reason below!

She has only been married once, however she has been engaged twice before. She was about to be married to John Gibson, an actor from the soap opera industry, in 1986 when he tragically died in an aircraft crash.

For White, hearing about Gibson’s untimely demise was “devastating” (Closer Weekly). “However, the overwhelming amount of fan mail I received was incredibly uplifting; it was comforting to know that I was not alone.”

Businessman Michael Kaye was her fiancé from 2004 to 2006, however the couple broke up before she could tie the knot.

How Did Vanna White and ohn Donaldson Meet?

How Did Vanna White and ohn Donaldson Meet

It was at a cookout that Vanna White was holding in 2012 that she and her boyfriend, John Donaldson, first crossed paths. White and Santo Pietro finally crossed paths in 2002, a full decade after the couple’s divorce.

White told People in 2019 that she remembered thinking, “He’s really cute” when she looked at him. “That night, we had a lengthy conversation.” Her speech went on, This thing is really effective. We both get to be ourselves around him. Drama does not exist.

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