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Explore the Truth Behind Rumors Spread About Maya Hawke’s Bisexuality? Is She Dating Someone?

Maya Hawke is well-known in Hollywood for her role as Robin Buckley in “Stranger Things,” which is her most well-known role. Maya has achieved success one step at a time, with some of her most prominent appearances including Heather Watkins in “Fear Street Part One: 1994” and Annie Brown in “The Good Lord Bird”. You can find in this article about her sexual orientation and whether she is dating someone.

Is Maya Hawke Bisexual?

According to different sources, Maya Hawke is not gay, unlike Robin, though; she’s always been that way. The fact that her Stranger Things character is a lesbian gave rise to the rumors that she is a lesbian herself. In reality, though, Maya has kept her dating life a secret. Despite this, she was observed with the musician Spencer Barnett. Because of Maya’s stellar performance as Robin in Stranger Things, many fans have wondered who she dates and whether or not she is gay. No matter how convincing she seems as Robin, she is not a lesbian in real life.

Is Maya Hawke dating someone?

According to Distractify, Maya is dating the famous musician, Spencer Barnett.  Like a lot of famous people, even she don’t like talking about her personal life. On February 14, 2022, she and her partner, Spencer Barnett, could not hold back any longer and engaged in some public displays of affection. Daily Mail photographers saw the happy couple laughing and kissing as they strolled across Manhattan. It seems that Maya and Spencer have a lot in common.

Spencer Barnett is the son of Shaklee Corporation CEO Roger Barnett and former Manhattan DA Sloan Barnett. It is unknown how Spencer and Maya first met. However, the fact that he is friends with Maya’s brother, Levon, may provide a clue as to how they grew so close.

Has Maya had any relationships before Spencer?

Sources say that Maya’s rumored exes include football player Tom Sturridge. In July 2020, Maya dated Tom Sturridge, who played Sandman. The significant age difference in this pairing made headlines (Hawke was 22, and Sturridge was 35). Up until around January 2022, the pair were regulars on the streets of New York. Tom has a famous child with actress Sienna Miller from a previous relationship.

Maya was previously linked to Gus Wenner, the president, and chief operating officer of Rolling Stone, in February 2019. Maya had uploaded a cute photo of them together on Instagram, but their followers quickly realized the couple had broken up. She further suggested that her June 2020 album, “Blush,” which dealt with romantic difficulties, featured similar themes.

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