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Who is Harry Styles Dating? A Look at His Relationship with Taylor Russell!

Regarding his love life, Harry Styles, the gorgeous singer and former member of One Direction, has often been the focus of rumors. Fans of his are usually curious about his love affairs because of his captivating demeanor, tremendous talent, and mysterious persona.

Styles’ romantic life has been a widely discussed subject in the media, with conjectures and gossip concerning his associations with a range of prominent personalities and celebrities. Fans and admirers of the British music sensation are still enthralled with the topic, “Who is Harry Styles dating?” despite speculation about high-profile relationships and brief liaisons.

Who is Harry Styles Dating?

Taylor Russell and Harry Styles’ relationship is still going strong. Despite their hectic professional schedules, the singer and actress are still in love. As time goes on, it appears that their initial chemistry has grown into a committed relationship, as a close source of the 29-year-old musician admits that he is completely smitten with the 29-year-old “Bones and All” star.

The two have been photographed together at a “number of events in London this week,” according to an insider who spoke with Us Weekly. Harry even went to an after-party last weekend with Taylor after her production, “The Effect.”

The Two Have Been Photographed Together
The Two Have Been Photographed Together

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