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Letterkenny Season 12: Is It Officially Renewed or Cancelled By Hulu in 2023?

Letterkenny, the Canadian comedy series, is beloved by fans worldwide. Since its debut in 2016, viewers have been captivated by the show’s quirky humor and lovable characters. After five successful seasons, fans wonder if Letterkenny will return for a Season 12.

Is Letterkenny Renewed For Season 12?


Letterkenny‘s 12 seasons have yet to be officially announced by the network as of December 2022. We know that the eleventh season concluded with “Degens,” directed by Jacob Tierney and co-written by Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney.

Even though Hulu has not yet announced a renewal for Letterkenny Season 12, Canada’s Crave and numerous cast members have posted photographs from the set, indicating that a renewal is guaranteed. Jacob Tierney, who portrays Glen, commented on Instagram on September 8 about filming Season 12.

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In the meantime, The Produce Stand podcast has a whole Twitter thread of behind-the-scenes photographs from Season 12’s set.

The Letterkenny Season 12  Potential Premiere Date

Considering that Seasons 8 through 11 all premiered in Canada on Christmas Day, Season 12 may do the same and premiere on Crave on December 25, 2023. This indicates that on December 26, 2023, Hulu would continue the U.S. drop on the corresponding dates and time slots of 12:01 a.m. as with other original programs.

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The Cast of Letterkenny Season 12

According to one of James Daly’s (Ron) Instagram Stories, he, Sash Striga, and Nadine Bhabha will also be returning.

There haven’t been any official casting announcements yet. Still, Tierney, the show’s creator and executive producer Jared Keeso (who played Wayne), Nathan Dales (who played Daryl), Michelle Mylett (who played Katy), K. Trevor Wilson (who played Dan), Dylan Playfair (who played Reilly), Andrew Herr (who played Jonesy), Tyler Johnston (who played Stewart), Evan Stern (who played Roald), Patrick McNeil (who played Connor), Lisa Codrington (McMurray) is expecting to return for the show.

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Final Words 

In conclusion, the future of Letterkenny Season 12 has yet to be determined. It is still being determined whether or not the series will be renewed. Fans of the show must wait patiently for an official announcement from Crave TV, who currently hold the rights to the show. In the meantime, viewers can enjoy rewatching previous seasons or follow cast members on social media for updates. As new information becomes available, fans must stay alert and up-to-date on all developments concerning the show.

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