Is Katrina Kaif Pregnant

Is Katrina Kaif Pregnant: Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal Are Expecting A Child, And They Plan To Tell Everyone On Her Birthday


When the most beautiful actress, Katrina Kaif, took pheras with the man of her dreams, the most handsome actor, Vicky Kaushal, their huge fan base couldn’t believe what they saw and went crazy. Well, they got married on December 9, 2021, in front of their closest friends and family. Since then, the two of them have been giving us major relationship goals.

Well, Katrina Kaif is a big fan of social media, but the actress hasn’t been on any social media sites for a few months. People thought the actress might be pregnant because she was active on Instagram and posted beautiful photos from a photoshoot. Now, Vicky and Katrina have flown to the Maldives before the actress’s birthday, and rumors are going around that they plan to tell the world that Katrina is pregnant.

If what the media is saying is true, Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are going to have their first child, and they will tell the world on Katrina’s birthday, July 16, 2022. Katrina Kaif was photographed at the airport as she and her husband Vicky were leaving for the Maldives. It had been months since she had been in the public eye. Vicky wore his usual casual outfit, but Katrina wore an orange T-shirt that was too big and too loose and paired it with flared jeans.

Even though there were a lot of rumors that Katrina, who was in the movie Tiger 3, was pregnant, there was no proof. But recently, someone close to the actress told Asianet Newsable that she is pregnant and that the “diva” will share the “good news” on her birthday. You can quote the source as saying:

“Katrina Kaif is pregnant, and that is a fact. She is going to have her first child with Vicky Kaushal. There is a good chance that the couple will tell Kat’s birthday party about Katrina Kaif’s pregnancy. Katrina’s 39th birthday is on July 16, and that’s probably when the happy news will be shared with their fans.”

Katrina Kaif didn’t go to the IIFA 2022 in Abu Dhabi because she tested positive for COVID-19. This led to rumors. She couldn’t go to the event, it was said because she was still getting better from the virus. It was clearer because she wasn’t on social media or at other events.

We hope Katrina and Vicky tell us their “good news” soon!

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