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Is Kanye West Missing? Where Is He Now? Explore The Truth Behind The Rumour

Kanye West, now known as Ye, has been in and out of the news and social media for the past year or so. West has been out of the public eye since early December 2022, which, based on his recent conduct, is entirely out of character. Where is Kanye West now? In this article, we’ll provide an update on what Kanye West has been up to over the last several months and discuss some potential clues as to his current whereabouts.

 Is Kanye West Missing?

Is Kanye West Missing?

The U.S. Sun received the December 19, 2022, court file, which stated St. John is requesting more time, at least until the end of March 2023, to identify West and serve him with a $4.5 million lawsuit.

 According to a court petition obtained by the U.S. Sun, West’s former business manager, Thomas St. John, is seeking an extension to serve the musician and his company, Yeezy LLC, with court documents after several failed attempts to reach him. After his former business manager, Thomas St. John, stated that the rapper could not be found, social media has been abuzz with speculation regarding West’s location.

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 St John and his attorneys demand that the time be extended to the end of March 2023. A symposium on case management is currently scheduled for April 2023. St. John asserts that he was not compensated for the 18-month guaranteed term during which he worked for Ye. Even though he only worked for three months, he was meant to be paid $300,000 for each.

According to the lawsuit, Ye became “heated and aggressive” and “screamed” at St. John in January 2022, declaring that he no longer wished to work with him.

where is kanye west now

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It’s thought that St John is having issues locating West because he needs an attorney.

The court document noted,

“We were advised about a new law firm for defendants, but not a specific point of contact. We subsequently learned of information in the news that the law firm identified as new counsel was not affiliated with the defendants. Accordingly, we have not been able to serve defendants through their counsel. As a general matter, we have had difficulty confirming the best current address of Kanye West.For Mr. West, despite our diligent efforts, we could not ascertain his current residential address and, therefore, have not yet made attempts to serve him personally. Instead, we have attempted to service him by mail at multiple addresses.”

According to the affidavit, attempts were made to serve West at “three distinct residences” in Malibu and Calabasas, California.

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