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Why is Kanye West so popular? Is it because of the controversies or his music talents?

Kanye is an essential hip-hop artist not only for this new generation but also for his own. 

College Dropout and Late Registration are his first two albums. They changed the way a lot of people make albums and projects today. 

I think 808s & Heartbreaks is by far his most important album. 

Most importantly, I think he did a lot to encourage artists to be as involved as possible in their music. 

Kanye was not the first rapper who also produced music, but he is one of the best, and he has influenced a lot of artists who now produce, mix, and master in addition to recording vocals. 

To sum up, I think Kanye did a lot to improve the art of hip-hop. But in some songs, he shows that he can keep a tune. 

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The fact that he can’t sing is part of what makes 808s and Heartbreak so great, since it shouldn’t work but does. 

Even though he couldn’t really sing, he made a singing album that changed the music business. 

He is a producer, artist, and musician, and he sometimes has to sing to get his point across when he is writing. 

There are a few KSG songs, like “Fourfiveseconds” and “Ghost Town,” but he can’t sing an entire album without auto-tune. 

Even though I like Kanye, I think that would be a terrible idea. He changed music, and many people think he is the most critical artist alive.  He began as a producer, but he wanted to be a rapper. 

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A lot of people were sceptical, but he came out with The College Dropout, which was heavily influenced by the soul (he loved using soul samples to make “chipmunk soul”). 

Then there’s Late Registration, which also hits.  Then he decides to try something else that has more pop. Makes the album Graduation, which sold more copies than 50 Cent’s “Curtis” album. 

It had a very different sound, but people still liked it. After a really bad time in his life (his mother’s death and the breakup of his first engagement), he makes an album where he doesn’t rap. 

Rap is said to have become more melodic because of 808s & Heartbreak. Drake, The Weeknd, Uzi, and Young Thug all give credit to Kanye and Cudi for how influential that album was.

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Then there was the Taylor Swift thing, and he left the country. A lot of people who knew him at the time say that he thought his career was over if he didn’t make a perfect album after that. 

This is a theme that keeps coming up in the album, and the artwork is also fascinating. 

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy comes out (with a movie), and “everyone” loves it, Chris Rock says it’s the best album of the last 50 years, and metacritic gives it a 96. 

And Kanye solidifies his place in music history as one of the best. He’ll put out Yeezus, The Life of Pablo, and Ye in the future, but this answer is already too long.

He is so popular because he never stopped changing his sound and was willing to go in completely new directions and still do it well. Even outside of music, he doesn’t follow the rules, whether it’s for good or the bad.


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