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Is Joe Keery Gay? Lets Explore The Truth Behind The Stranger Things Actor Sexuality

The question of whether or not actor Joe Keery is gay has been swirling around for years now. The internet has been buzzing with speculation and rumors since Keery rose to fame in his breakout role as Steve Harrington in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. As an actor, Keery’s personal life has always been a mystery to fans, and so the question of his sexuality continues to remain unanswered.

Who Is Joe Keery?

Joe Keery
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Joseph David Keery was born in the United States on April 24, 1992. He is best known for his roles as Steve Harrington in the science fiction series Stranger Things (2016–present) and Free Guy (2021). Keery publishes music under the moniker Djo. He was a former member of the psychedelic rock band Post Animal.

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Is Joe Keery Gay? 

Is Joe Keery Gay?
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Joe is unquestionably straight, as his current relationship demonstrates. There were rumors that he was homosexual, but they were unfounded. Joe Keery is not homosexual and enjoys his relationship with his girlfriend, Maika Monroe. According to US Magazine, he has been romantically involved with his actress girlfriend for some time.

Most viewers may have believed that Keery is a member of the LGBTQ community because he portrayed the gay character Steve Harrington on the supernatural horror television series Stranger Things. However, after conducting a brief investigation, we discovered that the actor from Empire is 100 percent straight.

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Joe Keery: Why Questioning His Sexuality?

You may wonder why Joe Keery has been labeled a homosexual personality. Due to his role in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Stranger Things was a significant breakthrough, and he portrayed a gay character in that particular series. Since then, people have frequently inquired, “Is Joe Keery gay?” Extensive research reveals that Joe Kerry has been dating a woman and is not gay, contrary to his screen persona.

Joe Keery Gay
Joseph Quinn & Joe Keery In Stranger Things | Image Source:

Keery is humorous, and his social media posts allow him to maintain contact with his fans. People appreciate his close relationship with his fans. His fanbase adores his hairstyle and how he carries himself. However, he is not gay. These were merely rumors, similar to those surrounding his Stranger Things co-star Maya Hawke, who was similarly rumored to be a lesbian following her casting. A media source, LifestyleUG, recently reported that all of these were merely rumors.

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Is Joe Keery Dating Anyone?

Maika Monroe’s Relationship
Joe Keery and Maika Monroe | Image Source:

Joe Keery is currently in a relationship with fellow actress Maika Monroe. Their relationship, which began in 2017, is still going strong. Maika’s name was linked to Liam Hemsworth and Taylor Lautner before she met Joe. Joe has not even entered this industry at this time. Joe and Maika have been in a relationship for over five years. Since 2017, tabloids have depicted them together at the awards ceremony. The couple attended Vanity Fair’s Oscar Afterparty in March this year.

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Final Words

Joe Keery is a versatile actor who transcends his natural inclination. In addition to being a straight man, he is one of the most versatile actors the series generation will ever have. His endearing actions cause people to fall in love with him. His hair is something that can be described as a female magnet. Joe is a musician in addition to his other talents.

His relationship with his family, especially with his sisters, is exemplary. Although he has never spoken publicly about his relationship with Maika Monroe, he has been in the spotlight for a considerable time.

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