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Is Jett Kain A Gay? Uncovering The Truth About Jett’s’s Sexuality

The highly anticipated spin-off to Bling Empire: New York, premiered on Netflix on January 20. In 2022, the third season of the L.A.-based sitcom appeared, and now Netflix is releasing its New York City-based sister show.

Lynn Ban is a member of the cast of the television drama Bling Empire. Lynna’s jewelry has been worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna. Jett Kain, her husband, is featured in the Netflix spin-off series Bling Empire: New York in 2023. And viewers doubt his sexuality and wonder if he is gay.

Who is Jett Kain?

Jett Kain is 54 years old and previously worked as a producer and correspondent for MTV. Lynn Ban, a jewelry designer, and former vintage fashion historian, are married to Jett Kain. Anyone who has seen Lynn Ban’s Instagram page (@lynn ban) may be startled to learn that her husband, Jett, takes all of her images.

Due to their job schedules, Lynn and Jett regularly spend time apart. He spends time in both New York City and London. Jett stated on Bling Empire, “There’s nothing better than being in New York to spend time with my wife.”

Lynn, a Bling Empire star, has her jewelry line. Speaking of herself and her husband in episode 3, she stated, “We developed my jewelry brand.” Lynn is responsible for design within the business, while Jett handles marketing and public relations.

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Is Jett Kain Gay?

Jett Kain, the husband of Lynn Ban on the Netflix series Bling Empire, is not gay. Despite the assertions made by viewers about his sexual orientation, Jett is straight since he has been married to his wife Lynn for years, and they remain together. Due to his actions, he is suspected of being homosexual in the program.

After witnessing the third episode of Bling Empire: New York, most viewers concluded that Lynn Ban’s husband and business partner Jett Kain was undoubtedly gay. In that episode, the pair had a lunch date with Blake at an outside downtown restaurant. How Kain interacted with Blake cemented the notion that he is in no way straight in the eyes of many. The reports that Jett Kain was gay spread like wildfire across all social media platforms. Lynn Ban may not be pleased that her spouse appears homosexual, but what can she do? He is already uncovered.

Even though they had been friends for a long time, Jett Kain acted extremely strangely with Blake throughout lunch. Kain forgot how to work because they were reuniting after a “long time.” Things were proceeding smoothly until Lynn Ban’s husband could not resist asking probing and intimate questions, and he did so without the slightest degree of tact. Just out of the blue, he asked insensitively and with little regard for personal space, “So, are you gay?” Jett Kain, you cannot randomly inquire about a person’s sexual orientation. Fans of the Bling Empire were scandalized. Lynn Ban, less so. Since she has been married to her husband since 1996, does she know him too well?

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Jett Kain & Lynn Relationship Timeline

Meet Jett Kain and Lynn Ban, has been married for 27 years. The couple celebrates their wedding anniversary on July 28.

She met her husband, Jett Kain, at a New Year’s Eve party in 1994. The second he saw her, her husband’s passion ignited. He recalls her dancing on a speaker in high heels and a very short skirt when he initially approached her to ask for her number, blissfully unaware that she would give him the wrong number.

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A few months later, they ran into each other at a dinner party hosted by mutual friends, and this time the fashionista was more receptive to his overt attempts. Thus, Lynn and Jett began dating, which despite their fundamental cultural differences, made them so extraordinarily happy that they decided to wed a few years later.

However, their relationship extends beyond being life partners. Lynn has always focused on the creative aspect of her brand, while her husband has essentially managed everything behind the scenes to ensure exposure, especially press and marketing.

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