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Is Halsey A Gay? Uncovering the Truth About Halsey’s Sexuality

Halsey’s sexuality has been the subject of much speculation in recent years, and it can be difficult to determine exactly where she falls on the spectrum. Despite her ambiguous public statements, many believe that Halsey is a gay woman. In this article, we will explore the evidence that suggests that Halsey is indeed a member of the LGBTQ+ community. We will look into her public comments about her own sexual identity, as well as other clues within her music and videos.

About Halsey

is halsey gay

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane is an American singer and songwriter better known by her stage name Halsey. Halsey has created a name for herself through YouTube and SoundCloud, not only for her incredible voice but also for her advocacy. As a woman who is biracial, bisexual, and lives with bipolar disease, Halsey identifies as “tri-bi.” Though she has moved away from this designation in recent years, she continues to raise awareness about suicide prevention and gender inequity regarding race, sexuality, and mental illness.

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Is Halsey Gay?

Halsey is Bisexual.

Halsey frequently advocates for the LGBTQ community, of which she is a proud member as a bisexual woman. Whether condemning homophobic behavior or sending messages of support to her admirers, the celebrity has always asserted her queer womanhood with pride.

is halsey gay

Singer Halsey has always been open. She is candid about her sexuality, her troubles in the past, and her feelings. She has previously stated,” “I’m not always going to be calm… I’m entitled to my emotions.”

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Halsey: I Had to ‘Validate Myself’ After Coming Out as Bisexual 

is halsey gay

Halsey discusses the challenges she experienced after coming out as bisexual. The Grammy-nominated singer was awarded Outstanding Music Artist at the 2018 GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday in New York City. Due to being in Europe, the actress could not attend the show, so she sent fans a video message instead.

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Halsey, 23, who has been upfront about her sexuality since her rise to prominence in 2015, stated,

“I spent the past year and the year before trying extremely hard to be a better representative of the LGBT community. So I tried hard to find the courage this year to write female pronouns into my music”

Halsey Thanks Fans After Revealing Pronoun Update

Halsey thanked followers for their tremendous support after changing their pronouns on Twitter and Instagram to “she/they.” The musician, whose most recent album, Manic, was released in 2020, joins another queer musician Kehlani, who in December also altered the pronouns in their bio to “she/they.”

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Another admirer, who noted that they were also “figuring out” their pronouns, praised Halsey for being a role model for the LGBTQ community. They wrote, “Seeing @halsey change their pronouns gives me the guts to go deep into my depths and find myself.”

On Saturday, Halsey’s following became aware of the pronoun shift, prompting many to applaud the singer and express gratitude for being honest about the pronoun change. One Twitter user said, “I hope Halsey’s decision to change their pronouns gives others the courage to express what makes them feel comfortable. It is acceptable not to fit into the categories society assigns you.”

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Final Words

In conclusion, Halsey’s bisexuality is an important part of her identity and something that she often speaks about publicly. In doing so, she has become a powerful voice in the LGBT community and has provided a platform for those struggling with their own sexuality. Halsey is an example of someone who is unashamed of her identity and strives to be an advocate for others as well.

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