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Is George Krissa Gay in Real Life? Is Holiday Sitter Star In A Relationship With Bri Waters?

It is no secret that questions about famous people’s private lives have been asked repeatedly. One such question has been circulating in the celebrity world recently: Is George Krissa gay? The ongoing debate of George Krissa’s sexuality has been on the lips of many as his new movie Holiday Sitters Have been released recently. As a popular figure in the media, there have been various rumors and speculations regarding if he is gay or not. This article seeks to answer this question and delve deeper into his life.

Is George Krissa Gay?

Yes, George Krissa is a Gay. George Krissa is a Canadian musician and actor who studied voice at Canada’s Grant MacEwan University and comes from the village of Lashburn, Saskatchewan. People started noticing him after he was part of a movie, Holiday Sitter, just released yesterday, December 11th,2022. Before it, Krista appeared in two films, Trapped With My Husband in 2022 and Conorer in 2019. Still, many people are unknown of him  

Krissa is a classically trained singer who studied singing at Alberta’s Grant MacEwan University. In addition to her work in television and cinema, Krissa has appeared in leading parts on renowned Canadian stages, such as the Stratford Festival and the Shaw Festival.

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Is George Krissa In A Relationship With Bri Waters; Are They Married?

George Krissa is gay; he has been in a relationship with Bri Waters since he came out to the public long ago. The couple has not been married yet, but they seem to share an excellent relationship. Krista and Waters began dating in 2017 and appear to post photos of themselves on social media frequently.


Waters is a Canadian-based marketing director, playwright-director, and Softify’s UX design lead.

In addition to being a director and designer, he has also appeared in various films and is known as a daring Actor. Thing You Did, Legends of the Falls, and Gregory are some of the short movies and series Waters has been engaged in. Both are performers, and their careers have always been supported by one another. Although the couple has not been married, they have a relationship like a married couple.

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The couple often shares pictures enjoying their presence, images with his mother, thoughts on Valentines, and exchanging anniversary messages. They are grateful to have each other by their side in this terrible society.

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