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Is Drake Arrest In Sweden? Rapper Posts Video On New Year Confirming His Arrest 

It’s a hot topic of discussion in the music industry today: is Drake arrested? Since the release of his latest album, fans have been speculating about whether or not the Canadian rapper has been suspended. The confusion stems from rumors circulating shortly after his new album’s release. While there has not been any official confirmation from either Drake or police officers, it’s created an air of mystery and speculation around what may have happened.

Drake Posts Video On New Year Confirming His Arrest 

Drake appears to have confirmed that he was arrested in Sweden last summer by releasing a video of the incident. The eight-second clip depicts two officers escorting the rapper to a police cruiser. Some of his teammates are also seen walking alongside him. In July 2022, Twitter trended with the phrase “free Drake” as rumors circulated that the Canadian superstar had been detained by Swedish authorities in a Stockholm nightclub.

The rapper’s representatives subsequently disputed that he had been arrested before Drake himself intimated that the alleged incident had occurred. In an Instagram post, Drake shared a photo of a paper titled “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained” from the Swedish National Police Board, implying that he had, in fact, interacted with Swedish officials.

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Now, as 2022 came to a close, Drake published a new Instagram post that appeared to confirm the incident. A brief caption stated, “The monies are useful; the lyrics are honest; the suspects are typical; the opportunities are delusional; the finish line is gorgeous; and the contempt is reciprocal; see you in 23.”

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“Behind Bars: What Led to Drake’s Arrest?”

Drake and a few members of his security crew were reportedly spotted using marijuana inside a nightclub in the Swedish city of Stockholm. According to accounts, the local police arrested the rapper and his companions, who apparently spent one night in jail before being released on bond.

Alongside it, he posted a selfie of himself and collaborator 21 Savage, as well as what appears to be cell phone footage of his arrest in Sweden.

Fans’ Response To Drake’s Arrest

Drake’s crew “categorically” disputed the arrest, saying The Hollywood Reporter at the time that the rapper was in his Stockholm hotel room amid widespread social media speculation.

However, the rapper’s staff contradicted these accusations when they informed Philip Lewis, editor of the Huffington Post, that the musician was blissfully unwinding in his hotel. The artist also responded to the claims by publishing several social media updates in which he could be seen unharmed.

Fans’ Response To Drake’s Arrest

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He mocked those who believed the fake about his claimed detention by using an image of the football player Mario Balotelli.

Before the artist’s crew clarified that he had not been detained, a large number of Twitter users mocked him. However, his devoted followers and allies began trending the hashtag ‘Free Drak,’ saying that the rapper could not be detained.

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